CIA operations in Macedonia

Greek on-line newspaper Ekathimerini got censored after it threw some light on certain CIA operations.

On January 19, Ekathimerini published an article on its website enlightening CIA operation in former Macedonia. Only 2 hours later the article was deleted. Fortunately, a screenshot was timely saved and uploaded on the Internet.

According to Ekathimerini, in the early 90's of the 20th century, CIA put security agencies of the States formed on the former Yugoslavia's territory under its control. Cooperation between US intelligence and the Republic of Macedonia was exceptionally close. Macedonian Defense Ministry, as well as, Ministry of Interior (represented by Defense Minister Vlado Popovski and such officers of Interior Ministry as Branko Duzevich, Stanko Pipan and others) received instructions from CIA station in Sofia.

Collection of classified data about Serbia and other regions bordered on Macedonia was carried out with the help of US electronic intelligence hardware. US intelligence has got access to Yugoslavian People's Army encoding device KZU-71, as well as samples of three kinds of ground supply lines, SFRY cable and secure radio communication network diagram, catalog of Yugoslav cables together with their specifications, and documents on the use of frequencies, call signs, their day and night schedules. It was also planned to conduct technical reconnaissance by reference to the landline facility, laid between Greece and Serbia.