Sehr dringend/Very Urgent Todesstrafe/Deathpenalty on 11 Feb. 00:01 a.m. CDT Missouri 00:01: Gegen die Todestrafe /Against the death penalty Uhr Ortszeit Missouri 2015 of Tim Storey, Missouri


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Sehr dringend/Very Urgent Todesstrafe/Deathpenalty on 11 Feb. 00:01 a.m. CDT Missouri 00:01 Ortszeit Missouri: Gegen die Todestrafe /Against the death penalty Uhr Ortszeit Missouri 2015 of Tim Storey, Missouri

Bitte unterstützt die Aktionen von NCADP (National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty)

und die Onlinepetition von gegen die Hinrichtung von Tim Storey in Missouri

Please support this Actions of NCADP (National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty) and the Onlinepetition of against the death penalty of im Storey in Missouri:


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Oberste Gerichtshof in Missouri / Supreme Court of Missouri


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Oberste Gericht in Missouri/Supreme Court in Missouri:

Oberste Gerichtshof USA / Supreme Court USA

Bei der Hintergrundsgeschichte von NCADP sieht man das Tim Storey für die Gesellschaft noch wertvoll ist!

In the background you can see the history of NCADP that Tim Storey is more valuable for the society!:


Tim Storey’s original death sentence was overturned by the Missouri Supreme Court because of ineffective assistance of counsel and “egregious” errors committed by Kenny Hulshof, then a special prosecutor in the office of the State Attorney General. (Hulshof has been reprimanded for several of the cases he handled as special prosecutor with three individuals he prosecuted later found innocent and exonerated by the courts.)

When the death sentence was reversed, the Attorney General’s (AG) Office indicated a willingness to accept a life without parole sentence in the Storey case. By that point Hulshof was resigned from the AG’s office and running for political office, but still wanted to be assigned as prosecutor on the case. Together with the victim’s family they began a public campaign to keep the issue alive in the community and to push for a death sentence. The case was also part of the campaign ads used by Hulshof’s opponent to highlight his ineffectiveness as a prosecutor.

When the second sentencing hearing was eventually held the AG’s office, now deferring to the wishes of the victim’s family, asked for another death sentence. The second hearing resulted in a death sentence, which was later reversed by the courts for a procedural error. A third sentencing hearing was held and another death sentence was delivered which has been upheld by the courts.

Even though Storey had three sentencing hearings, the juries never received a complete picture of who he is. The evidence was available and could have made a compelling argument to save his life. The juries were not fully aware of his traumatic childhood filled with physical and sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment and loneliness. Likely a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome, he suffered greatly at the hands of his stepfather and his mother’s boyfriends, often exhibiting the welts and bruises of abuse. His family moved often, requiring him to change schools frequently. Drugs and alcohol were commonly used by the adults in the home.

Despite his chaotic homelife, his teachers found him to be a kind and polite boy who didn’t cause trouble. As a young man, his employers described him as a hard and responsible worker who got the job done.

Nonetheless he bore emotional scars. Several mental health experts diagnosed him with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol/drug dependence. At the time of the crime he was likely under extreme mental or emotional disturbance impacted by a pending divorce.

Through the years, Tim Storey has matured and has become a model prisoner at Potosi Correctional Center. He has held jobs of responsibility, getting along well with inmates and staff. He is a highly trusted inmate in the Puppies for Parole program and has successfully trained two dogs. He has been heavily involved in the prison restorative justice program and has been hand-picked by the prison staff to speak to outsiders who visit the prison.

The case of Tim Storey exemplifies all the inherent problems in the death penalty system—ineffective legal counsel, flawed investigation, misconduct by the prosecutor and public pressure for a death sentence. It shows the highly political nature of the death penalty and its use by politicians for personal gain. It focuses more on retribution, rather than the fact that the offender is no longer a threat to society and could make valuable contributions to society within his prison community.

Please check back. We will be updating this page as more information about how you can help stop the execution of Mr. Storey becomes available.

Bitte unterstützt die Appellaktionen und die Onlinepetition!

Please support the Appealaction and Onlinepetition!

Patrick Steinhuber, Ortenburg, GERMANY