The Actions go further: Urgent: Amnesty Action and Deathpenaltynewsaction: prevent executions in Indonesia! 5 Condemned (3 because only for drug crime!)!

Here some text from Amnesty International:

"URGENT ACTION STOP IMMINENT EXECUTION OF FIVE PRISONERS Five death row prisoners in Indonesia have been moved to separate cells and are believed to be at risk of imminent execution. Indonesia’s new government has said publicly that it plans to carry out the five executions this year and 20 more in 2015. On 28 November 2014, the Junior Attorney General for General Crimes, Basyuni Masyarif, announced that the government was planning to execute five individuals currently on death row, who have exhausted all of their legal and clemency appeals, before the end of 2014. He also stated that another 20 executions are scheduled for 2015.

International law guarantees the right of all prisoners under sentence of death to apply for pardon or commutation of the sentence and allows for the imposition of the death penalty only for the “most serious crimes”. Drug-related offences do not meet this threshold."

So for me it is absolutely do extreme as some countries have the death penalty for drug crime (here are 3 for drug and 2 for murder to sentenced for death penalty still in this year) impose! We had hundreds or even thousands would have been executed alone in Germany because drug crime! It´s terrible what the death penalty affects the famlies of death occupants. Perhaps negotiated the convicts out of pure necessity or worse and they were the drugs smuggled under strangers! As I said, I think it's absolutely wrong, the death penalty above all for drug crime !!!!!!

Here the deathpenaltynews action (with Amnesty International) Appealaction with Adresses

Here the german Amnesty International action with E-mailaction and Appeallaction (with adresses)

Here the Amnesty International Appealaction (in Englisch, French and Spanish) with adresses

and here an information report from a British woman facing the death penalty in Indonesia for drug smuggling:

Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 ORTENBURG, GERMANY