Actions against the Menacing execution of Mr. Rouhollah Tavana!


I would like to show you again the menacing execution of Mr. Rouhollah Tavana.

Story from Petitionswebsites and Amnesty international:

Rouhollah Tavana, from Iran's north-eastern Khorasan province, was sentenced to death on 3 August 2013 by Branch Five of the Criminal Court in Khorasan, on a charge of "insulting the Prophet of Islam" (Sabbo al-Nabbi), arising from a video clip in which he allegedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad. The Court also sentenced him to imprisonment and flogging on charges of "alcohol consumption", "making alcoholic beverages" and "illicit sexual relations". A Revolutionary Court in Khorasan sentenced him to a further three years' imprisonment after convicting him of "insulting the founder of the Revolution" and "insulting the Supreme Leader".

Rouhollah Tavana, a 35-year-old quality control engineer, was arrested in October 2011 by men believed to be from the Ministry of Intelligence, at his house in Mashhad, Khorasan. The intelligence officers searched his house and workplace and seized some of his personal belongings including his computer, mobile phone, passport and a number of CDs and DVDs. He was detained in solitary confinement in a detention centre belonging to the Ministry of Intelligence in Khorasan for three-and-a-half months, during which he was not allowed access to a lawyer. Rouhollah Tavana has maintained that he made the statements allegedly insulting the Prophet when he was intoxicated which, under Iranian law, would exempt him from the death penalty. The court has acknowledged that he had consumed alcohol when making the statements but determined that the amount of alcohol consumed was not sufficient to negate his intent.

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Every voice counts and it may not come to the death sentence.

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