Amnesty internationalaction (till 16 May): Against the threat of extradition of nine Men with different citizenships (in Cabinda court district) to the DR. Congo

I've heard the story from Amnesty International

and i would like to show you of the case of the Cabinda court district (in Angola),

and find there are reasons not to deport these men

(Kadate Lekumu, Faustino Mananga Gomes,

Ilunga Mukendi Cianda, Eduardo Pongo Muaca, Richard Nsabwa Mukendi,

Boyeye Marc Eyoku, Akanza Toto, Mbuasi Kitunta Fran├žois und David Bucur) to the DR. Congo:

- Torture, maltreatment or even the death sentences could threaten there men.

- Besides, it procures me that the men have stuck after her arrest in November, 2012 without

contact with the outside world and should have been tormented and without legal assistance.

Their families have also not known where they were.

The court judgment could be pronounced already on the 16th of April.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS BEFORE 16 MAY 2014 - the adresses are on amensty homepage

or German amnestysite with e-mailaction (with Englisch Information):

In addition the men are with different citizenships.Ilunga Mukendi Cianda and Richard Nsabwa Mukendi are French citizens, Kadate Lekumu is a Belgian citizen, and David Bucur and Eduardo Pongo Muaca are an Angolan.

Please help the men.

Patrick Steinhuber