Gold isn't really dead

Dear Reader,

Alex Daley here. As editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology, I have a friendly competition with my colleagues who spend long days researching and writing about metals and mining stocks.

While gold isn't really dead - not by a long shot - there's no question it's been tough times for the sector. But still, I can't help but brag just a little about the incredible run our tech team is on.

For example, last Friday I told my subscribers to sell MannKind Corporation (Nasdaq: MNKD). This small company has invented a new inhalable form of insulin using a pump no bigger than an asthma inhaler that will fit in any pocket. It's not only far more convenient and painless, it's far more effective:

  • Blood sugar levels respond to it faster and better,
  • With a much shorter hangover effect, increasing safety, and
  • Making it much easier (and less painful) for diabetics to manage their condition and live healthier lives.

The company, founded by serial technology entrepreneur and billionaire Alfred Mann, is expected to unveil results this month confirming its insulin's potential, moving well down the road to turn the multibillion-dollar diabetes care market on its proverbial head.

Which begs the question:

If it has so much potential, why did we sell?

Because Wall Street analysts have caught wind of the story and know what's coming. As a result, the stock has been bid up over 220% from our buy-in price in January. Spotting the opportunity for our subscribers well before the crowd, we are content to take our profits and move on.

We've been posting gains like this for years.

Proof? Just this year alone, we've taken profits on Isis Pharmaceuticals (147% gain with a free ride), Alnylam (a 127% win), computer security firm Fortinet (105% gain), Seattle Genetics (+108%), and (+49%).

In the interest of full disclosure, our track record isn't perfect - no one's is. We've also closed two losers this year (OCZ for -76%; and APKT for -3%).

But that brings our track record for closed positions since Casey Extraordinary Technology (CET) launched on July 20, 2009 to 30 winners and just 9 losers - with an average return of 42.7% per investment. Had you invested $5,000 in each of these picks, you'd have made enough money to purchase a Tesla Model S or a BMW 7-series, with plenty of cash to spare.

That record doesn't even include the brand-new, large-cap-focused BIG TECH, a $149 publication included free with every subscription to CET. In a few short months, that publication has already closed 6 positions, including a 6-month gain of 21% on Google and a 3-month, 31% gain on Latin ecommerce giant MercadoLibre.

And because I'm so proud of how well our Casey technology team has done, I'm determined to make sure the work we do gets a wider audience.

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A Sampling of Technology Companies Our Subscribers Are Reading About NOW

Within minutes of subscribing, you'll be able to get in sync with our other satisfied subscribers who are building positions in our 9 current buy recommendations, including:

  • A diagnostics company taking a bite out of one of the most costly and deadly reasons for hospitalization in this country. Its faster and more accurate test - new to the market this year - is already saving lives and money in this $8 billion a year market.
  • &nbsp
  • A company that has invented a new type of single-use syringe that promises to make it safer and easier to deliver the increasing number of drugs that require injection. With deals flowing from major pharmaceutical manufacturers at a rapidly increasing rate, this start-up promises to bring its patented technology to millions of patients in the next few years.
  • &nbsp
  • Pioneers in revolutionary micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) that have enabled smartphones and tablets to play games, interact intuitively, and more. Amazingly, the company controls over 50% of this rapidly growing market. It's no wonder it has popped over 40% so far this year as the company continues to crush Wall Street's earnings estimates.

It is companies like these that are revolutionizing the way we do business, entertain ourselves, and even care for our health. And these are the companies you'll find in each issue of Casey Extraordinary Technology.

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Alex Daley
Chief Technology Investment Strategist
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P.S. At the beginning of this letter, I said that gold isn't dead, not by a long shot. The reasons for owning metals and mining stocks as part of your long-term capital preservation strategy have never been more compelling. In the meantime, as the returns we've made prove, there is a corner of your portfolio that should be dedicated to today's most promising technology companies. With this unprecedented offer, it couldn't be easier to begin building a super-charged tech portfolio. We look forward to being of help.