Lets put it this way : I start from a personal perception of what I believe  Man's adventure in life is about. It can be summarised in one word, in one phrase, in one document that encapsulates it. 

One word : Eudaimonia, etymologically meaning spiritual good. Aristotle said it was supreme virtue of Man. The stoics said it was love of virtue. Aristotle said it was also material pursuit of happiness. To exercise the pursuit of Eudaimonia man required FREE WILL. The western meme therefore based the whole concept of man's existence on his free choice that had to face the hard reality of rule of law and primacy of fact to test its consistency. Analytical logic was born in the west and had its first open system software. It was Aristotelian.

One phrase : Thomas Jefferson recognised this primal truth and proclaimed it : Life liberty and pursuit of happiness. 

One document : The Universal rights of Man picked it up and as for TJ, said, personal freedom and liberty are prime concerns to the extent they respect those of others.

Now to see how this has played out in the hard, factually based dialectical thread addressing this  historical dichotomy that has haunted Man since Prometheus discovered fire and gave it to mortal defying the Gods, who exemplified PERFECTION in those days; first act of Man's liberation from predestination.

The debate between personal freedom and collective cohesion, as factually demonstrated in the historical thread of the Capitalist Industrial age, now gone secular in Enlightenment meme, played out in the country that has iconised this evolution in the 20th century : The USA. 

If we consider that the Monetary thread is a very good yardstick for measuring it and for assessing if the pursuit of happiness (eudaimonia) has progressed or regressed over this century we can state, as the ZH university has taught us :

1° THe creation of the FED was the supreme act which proclaimed that pursuit of general economic good in industrial society was best achieved by privatising the monetary thread, by giving it to the scions of the PRIVATE SECTOR, not to government; making the best and brightest of our society (New financial Templars) the guardians of the monetary temple : the Rothschilds and the Morgans. State --Woodrow Wilson-- bowed to their acumen as leaders of US society, trailblazers defying the European dystopia of Marxist statist decadence. It gave the exuberant age of the "roaring twenties" after financing the great "herd thinning" in Europe --their own decadent colonial minded fault--  and ended in 1929 ramp up and fiery WS asset fiesta leading to depression. Was that "pursuit of happiness?"

2° Lets move on. Under FDR State came back with a vengeance with Keynesian fiat pumping under Glass Steagall. It spawned the deficit spending macro model to pursue "happiness" in a horizontal construct, (not Oilgarchy vertical of roaring 20s) which we called the Welfare State. But it did involve checks and balances. It was NOT open ended. The balance between individual enterprise and state redistribution of wealth moved in favour of "social programs", to get economic mobility to the "small man". It didn't KILL private enterprise. On the contrary; as we found out with the Oil conundrum, the only way you discover more oil is by having Oil priced high, not low. So...the only way to get entrepreneurs to innovate is by having a high taxation system. It incentivives innovation and NOT the contrary. Lets move on, having taken due measure of what ZIRP has done to prove that cheap money in unlimited amounts is the bane of civilization.

3° The Oligarchs of USA under LBJ-Nixon Pax Americana MIC morph decided they wanted both military and economic control of the world; It had a price, it would be BW revoke. Fiat empire was born. "Our money your problem" coupled with MIC stick and petrodollar hegemony seemed like an ideal solution. It led to hyperinflation.

4° This led to the Reaganomics construct and dismantlement of the welfare state bigtime, destroying in the process the Fordian mantra "I pay high wages to my workers so that they can buy my cars". We were moving back to economic verticality bigtime and the supply side mantra led to "cheap oil" -- pump baby pump Saud meme-- and asset ramp of WS concoction with the birth of SHADOW BANKING and resulting shenanigans. Then NWO and Chindia OUtsourcing and the destruction of industrial USA was complete; with consumers fed on cheap money, borrowed from others, based on "USD reserve forever" hopium and, MIC stick to ensure it in Saud oil patch hard collateral land.  

MOAR DEBT baby! Never stop printing, never stop pumping fiat now that we have black gold under our gun!

Pursuit of happiness had one logic : whats good for WS assets is good for consumerist US sheeple. (It replaced the old adage of industrial USA : whats good for GM is good for USA).

5° Then came 2008 collapse and the reality from behind the tinsel curtain appeared like a nightmare wake up call. Its all smoke and mirrors and debt is NOT pursuit of Happiness as ZH has amply proven here.

6° Penultimate act in this relentless pursuit of Oligarchy concocted "happiness" visible to ALL is the NSA matrix that imposes on common man an Orwellian world in all its suffocating splendour. We are here now and it all began with the "privatisation" of monetary control in capitalist society initiated by FED construct, all part of a Jekyll Island conspiracy to make the rich masters of the world. They have achieved it and current Potus, unlike his predecessor, is not even a blue blooded Oligarch. He is just simply their puppet who does what he is told to do. Choosing an ethnic minority denier to caress ostensibly the "free society" meme is the most Machiavellian of tactics the Oligarchs could have concocted. "We are full steam behind rights of man and enlightenment". Wow, just Wow!  

A system where 0.01 % control the wealth of the world who are not answerable to anybody 'cos the Reaganomics-NWO construct now openly affirms : there are no rules except the ones we make on adhoc basis, in the PURSUIT OF OUR OWN ELITIST happiness. ---Now I get it ! 

7° Final act of the Neo feudal Order now openly in full throttle hubristic arrogance : The officialisation of Oligarchy Corporate rule worldwide via TPP for Pacific and US-EU deal for Atlantic Corpocracies... YOur personal freedoms, sheeple, will no longer exist in the face of our transnational prerogatives. THIS will be cast in stone. The end of Internet  peer to peer and all media under total regulatory capture. For the individual: the end of personal free will and total subservience to Oligarchy doing God's work on earth.

Its not "God wills it" anymore (except in Iran Lalaland), its the "Oligarchy wills it" 'cos 'Yes we can!' 

So much for those who say the State is our worst enemy. Nope it isn't, if it acts like a Republic and if WE be true citizens not just DUMB consumers divided and herd-penned.

Its the private hijacking of the State before our VERY eyes that has gotten us into the world destructive dynamics: all in the name of "pursuit of private happiness". What an incredible sleight of hand.

Eudaimonia anyone...? Who wants more Oligarchy Eudaimonia, coming FREE to your local theatre.

Hey you libertarians, how does it feel to be the laughing stock of the world?

You wanted freedom of individual  in land of free, home of brave. You got it BIGTIME all wrapped up in Oligarchy razzmattaz.

Source: comment on Zerohedge