The actions go further!: Onlinepetitions and E-mailactions for example for better sea rescue of refugees!


The actions go on it´s already recently died more hundreds people!

Here i would like to show you again the onlinepetitions from Proasyl and Amnesty International! Because i show it, the Italien will give up (its already ends on 31. Oct.!) the sea rescue action (etat of 9 million EUR per Month), because EU don´t help them, only with 2,8 million per Month with their organisation "Frontex"!

Here is a new report with more information from Proasyl in German:

and further Report in German:

And here i would like the e-mail action of ProAsyl show for the rescue, which is addressed to the President of the EU Martin Schulz:

(with Englisch Text) Important!: When you sign the petition , then you get a mail from Proasyl, please click the link in this mail. Then the online personal signature is confirmed!This Onlinepetition from Amnesty International calls on the government to do more for refugees (estimated to 23 000 people have died by fleeing actions to Europe). For example, better protection and more rights. Here is an excerpt from the petition text:Therefore, we urge you and the EU leaders on to- To strengthen the rescue measures in the Mediterranean through the participation of all EU Member States,- To create more safe and legal access routes to Europe so that refugees and migrants are not forced to dangerous routes,- Ensure that all asylum seekers on Europe's borders get access to an asylum procedure,- Not to cooperate with immigration control with transit states that prevent people already on the go in Europe and have a questionable human rights record.Here is the link to the online petition by Amnesty International Germany:

and in Englisch information website from Amnesty

Please support the action, the official refugee receiving stations against the dangerous ways such as shipping! Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 Ortenburg, Germany