Action against the imposed 37 death sentences and 491 times life sentence in Egypt


Here i show you the current actions against the two mass death penalties in egypt!:

And little time ago, the Egyptian court, the first court judgment on the threat of 528 death sentences (from March 24) on 28 April pronounced. The result is still bad, which are now 37 death sentences and 491 become times life sentence. Every judgment hanging other people and families behind, which left the defendant. That of course leads back to hatred and misunderstanding in this already troubled country.

Amnesty International site from Ireland with similar e-mail action:

Now Amnesty International has made a urgent action, that you can write appeals (acutal adresses for appeals on the this website from aamnesty international against the other mass threating death penalties in Egypt: ):

Amnesty International in Germany (with Englisch text) has an e-mail action, as well as addresses where you can write yourself appeals released: (acutal adresses for appeals on the this website form amnesty international in German from the action other against mass threating death penalties in Egypt: ):

Please take part the E-mailaction and write the Appeals immediately!

The second court judgement the threat of the death penalty has been of 683 men, pronounced.

There have been 183 death sentences pronounced (and an additional 15 years in prison) convicted and four more to prison sentence! Now,of the 183 death sentences have now been confirmed 6 death sentences and over 40 to live long prison! Here is the actual information from crashonline (in german):

Here is the old action with adresses for appeals, that you can use against this actual court judgement:

Englisch website from Amnesty for Appeals from a against a other mass threating death pnealty:

Please take part here the E-mailaction and write the Appeals immediately, too!

Here are would be an interesting report from the "TAZ" (in German), there are even minors

affected by the death penalty! Where also reported by a convicted lawyer who should even get the death penalty, because of the defense the defendants (was changed to life imprisonment)! Witnesses were not heard by the Court! The judge can give more death penalty in the near future, there are currently up to 5000 cases collected!!140898/

and a new threat mass death penalties for almost 500 people with 11 minors see on with actions on""!:

Please support this action because these death sentences, leaving only sad fate for surviving family, this can lead to more hatred and riots!

Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 Ortenburg, Germany