Clearstream represents a Swiss-Luxembourg-Germany-Vatican-Italian Mafia BLOCK -atk

Der Kaiser ist nackt !


WillNotBeASlave says:

February 8, 2014 at 6:44 AM

The Vatican links, and the Italian Mafia activity can be seen through the Clearstream Affair. It is a spyglass event to stare into the Void that is Europe before realizing that it is global.

A good way of identifying the financial power blocks warring within the EU is to look at the Clearing and Securities Depository Infrastructure. (DTCC <-> EuroClear <-> Clearstream) this is the legitimate clearing AND money laundering infrastructure posing as clean business … they ALL facilitate laundered funds plain and simple, and since the 70′s this has become Legion. Securities Laundering is the ULTIMATE way to launder money, so Investment side banking is where the dodgy deals are, not in Commercial/Retail Banking which is just straight currency transfer and where the Laundry ends up … BUT, Forex trading is the result of these international trades when liquidation of these Securities occurs … the whole damn funny-money economy we live in is connected via this under-infrastructure.

In the US, a monopoly exists with the DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, via their subsidiary CEDE & CO) who are the ‘legal’ owner of almost virtually ALL publically traded Securities in the US, and their Derivatives Products Subsidiary operates out of The City Of London and owns & clears all Derivatives Products in the US and UK and some of Europe; this is a FedOwners and London Banks dual axis posing as an integrated system that aids business efficiency (while it obscures its creative and innovative methods of hiding transactions using its multiple-jurisdiction money/securities washing capabilities … not to mention Bullion fraud, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish)

In Europe however there is a full on war going on since the 90′s between Clearstream (merger of CEDEL Int. and Deutshe Boerse) and EuroClear (setup by J.P.Morgan, and ‘apparently’ now owned by Members …ie, bull sh*t talk for ‘still controlled by J.P.Morgan Cartel Capital through cross-Director appointments with captured front banks, a.k.a Western Banking Cartel, awaiting a future merger with DTCC after it beats Clearstream into non existence).

This is IMPORTANT as…
1] Clearstream represents a Swiss-Luxembourg-Germany-Vatican-Italian Mafia BLOCK and
2] Euroclear represents a London-France-Belgium-Netherlands BLOCK. & with the DTCC it connects to the USA.
Does this sound familiar? Does this sound a little 1940′s? Allies vs. NAZI’s/Mussolini? you would be correct if you thought it did.
There is also linkages between Russian oligarchs and the Clearstream Block, and Clearstream have even in the past declined to Clear in collaboration with Euroclear, which generated EU court cases and friction within the EU. Banko Ambrosiano Vatican Scandal… P2 Masonic Lodge… dead Italian leader/s… Operation Gladio… Vatican Bankers hanging off of Blackfriars Bridge, you name it, it is all connected to the International Money Washing Cartels.

On the surface all of this seems irrelevant, because these are merely Clearing Houses and Depositories right? wrong! All of their Members (Investment Banks) represent clear geo-economic-political blocks, and within this conflict you can see the distinct divide between the Western forces led by US-UK-France, and the main economic rival GERMANY who is resisting financial pressure to open itself up completely to London-US-French control. Germany will not allow Switzerland and Luxembourg TAX HAVENS and Money Laundering Network to be fully Regulated until US & UK&Dutch-Crown Dependencies TAX HAVENS and Money Laundering Network is able to be Regulated. Its a FULL OUT WAR, and it connects right up to the dynamics of International FOREX trading and by default also Petro-Dollar dynamics as the biggest competitor to the USD has always been the EURO (remember Saddam? he would have created a Petro-Euro system and the Saudi Petro-Dollar alliance would have been screwed)

This is what all of the CITY OF LONDON (David Cameron and or alternative puppet) discussions (arguments) with Germany over CITY OF LONDON ‘special privileges’ being maintained if UK goes fully into EU is all about (They’re on the verge of saying ‘F*ck the EU’ … oh, they already did!).
The Swiss-Luxembourg block will not join up unless the City Of London (and by default its New York Banking full-blood-sisters are effected) jump in too … but they of course both would rather not settle these disputes at all because of their love of the Hot Dirty Money sloshing around in the World Tax Haven Washingmachines … how else would politicians on both sides of the Atlantic maintain their secret bank accounts if their Havens disappeared?… who would pay for Christine Legarde’s tanning bills? Who would pay for these f*ckers wives to get 1000EURO salon appointments? and South of France junkets? Swiss ‘business’ trips to the ski slopes?

This is ALL connected to the FOREX scandal, it goes to the heart of international trade, and what we are technically seeing here is the final Fallout from the Nixon Shock 1970′s coming to a head, and the inevitable agreement within the EU to agree-to-disagree PERMANENTLY, and the whole shooting match to unravel in front of all the other international observers, who are all themselves fully corrupt of course. China and Russia get to sit back and point out the hypocrisy and the delusion of the Western so called ‘Democratic’ System (I ain’t Communist but anyone who thinks Crony Capitalism with fully bought out political parties is Democracy and any better than a Banana Republic is kidding themselves)

Perhaps these bankers being ‘suicided’ is the cleanup operation/attempt … there’s no way they can get rid of enough people-who-know to stop the truth getting out though. The more they Suicide, the more the public will get to see the Truth at last of what the Anglo-American Empire and the German-Swiss-Vatican Empire are … no different to the Communists and Cronyists the world over… OFF the 33rd Floor they fly, Icarus flew to close to the old Lucifer.

THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! …and all this sh*t will end in Chaos … utter chaos, and the average African will not see the difference because he/she has experienced it since birth, but WE the Western Peoples will get a bit of that action … Geez, I’m really looking forward to Mad Max Fascism, how wonderful! Ayn Rand would approve, utopian-dystopia at last!