Amnestyactions against the imminent execution of six prisoners (thereof two womens) in India!


This is about six defendants who face the death penalty at any time. Two of them are even women who are normally quite rare in India face the death penalty! And the mercy petition was rejected by the Indian President here! I think he should at least modify the death penalty in prison terms, since one is otherwise not better and my opinion makes a serious crime hisself!

Here is the text form Amnesty:

Four men and two women are at risk of imminent execution in India after their mercy pleas were rejected by the President. They could be executed at any time.

Surendra Koli was convicted and sentenced to death in five cases involving the abduction, rape and murder of girls in Nithari, Uttar Pradesh between 2005 and 2006. His death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court in February 2011. A number of other cases against him are still under trial. Two women, Renukabai and Seema, were convicted of abducting and killing five children in the state of Maharashtra between 1990 and 1996 and sentenced to death. The Supreme Court confirmed the death penalty in August 2006. In India, it is rare for women to be sentenced to death.

Rajendra Wasnik was convicted and given the death penalty for the rape and murder of a girl in Maharashtra in March 2007. The Supreme Court upheld the sentence in February 2012. The President also rejected the mercy plea of Jagdish who was convicted of murdering his wife and five children in August 2005 and sentenced to death. The sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court in September 2009.

Holiram Bordoloi was sentenced to death for killing three men in the state of Assam in November 1996. The death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court in April 2005. Holiram Bordoloi’s mercy petition to the President was reportedly misplaced by authorities in Assam and not considered by the authorities for nine years. In March 2014, the National Human Rights Commission directed federal authorities to report on the status of the mercy petition.

In January 2014, India’s Supreme Court commuted the sentences of 15 death row convicts on grounds of delay in the disposal of their mercy petitions by the President ranging between five and 12 years. The court ruled that “undue, inordinate and unreasonable delay in execution of death sentence [amounts to] torture”.

Here is thel Link to Amnesty Interational Website with the adresses for Appeals!:

And here is the Link to Amnesty Interational Germany with E-mailaction and adresses for Appeals!:

Please support these actions, the death sentence is no better than the e. g. a murderer!

Writes and / or sending the e-mails and appeals as soon as possible!

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