The threat is real, the solutions are clear...

At Sovereign Man we have a very simple goal: to help you increase your freedom and your prosperity.

Every good Plan B has both defense (freedom) and offense (prosperity).

In the last few days we’ve identified a few of the biggest problems infringing our freedoms - bankrupt governments, insolvent banks, and crippling legislation.

We’ve also looked at few real life case studies that highlighted the absurd threats we are facing.

The story of the physician who had his savings frozen by some bank bureaucrat in a windowless office over 2,000 miles away from him.

We also discussed the true story of my good friend from Argentina, who barely survived the collapse of one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

We know the threat is real, but we also know that there is a clear, logical solution, as highlighted by the story of one of our members who was able to successfully set up a Plan B that included foreign banking, foreign real estate, physical businesses, offshore trusts, and more.

When it comes to creating your own personalized Plan B, there are many options.

The Sovereign Man team and I have spent nearly a decade traveling around the globe and creating the finest and most comprehensive offshore intelligence service in existence.

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To your freedom,


Simon Black