Report to Brazil President Rousseff, CIA Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden frauds

Several documents were delivered along with the report reproduced below, those documents can be found online as follows:

Report to SVR, FSB, Moscow, Russia 'Snowden Greenwald Assange are CIA frauds pt1'

EU police file on CIA Wikipedia fraud, CIA-Google-US media control crimes

Report to Ecuador Foreign Ministry, CIA fraud Julian Assange abusing London embassy

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Her Excellency Dilma Vana Rousseff, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil
in care of His Excellency, André Mattoso Maia Amado, Ambassador
Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Avenue Louise 350, Brussels 1050 Belgium

Criminal deception of Brazil's government, CIA abuse of Brazil, amid Brazil's admirable efforts to oppose USA spying and surveillance, US-CIA internet control crimes

Despite appearance, 'Edward Snowden' and his journalists proven as active CIA deception operation - 'surveillance' stories are Trojan horse to promote CIA media lies, terrorise and intimidate world governments, harm & kill real dissidents

Glenn Greenwald is a criminal hoaxer, funded and employed by murdering CIA interests, using Brazil territory to further CIA media crimes - CIA now seeking expanded use of Brazil - CIA is laughing about using Brazil as a base for CIA media lies and CIA murdering

Your Excellencies President Rouseff and Ambassador Amado,

Brazil is a great, progressive, nation, taking a praiseworthy leading role in our world, by opposing the spying and internet control crimes of the USA government.

But please take the time to understand the terrible truths about CIA deception crimes on Brazil's territory - facts which our friends in the Russian government already understand, which Ecuador is coming to understand as well, and which are documented in the enclosed reports, especially that at Moscow's SVR and FSB intelligence and security agencies.

The sad truth - which you will see clearly from the attached material - is that, despite superficial appearance, 'Edward Snowden' is a proven CIA fraud of 'Operation Fake Dissident' along with Julian Assange, and also journalists such as Glenn Greenwald, using Brazil as a base of CIA activities. This complex operation to deceive Brazil and other governments, serves criminal purposes of international terrorism and murder, by promoting lying CIA media with this fake 'dissident' story; terrorising and intimidating governments and people around the world; helping suppress other truths about USA crimes; and destroying, even killing genuine dissidents fighting the USA.

Firstly, please note that Snowden spying stories were nothing new, as our Russian friends publicly declare. Aside from details, these US 'surveillance' crimes have been discussed for several years on 'dissident', 'alternative' websites, thanks to five-plus previous NSA whistleblowers. The 'new' part of Snowden, was heavy promotion by CIA-tied media companies, the same companies who sell lies about CIA war-making and terrorist murder activities, the same CIA media who tell lies to slander, censor and destroy real dissidents. Brazil is deceived by the same mistake deceiving the world - trusting the CIA media to tell us who is a 'dissident hero'. Around the world, we are so eager for heroes against the USA, it is easy to be deceived by CIA tricks, using a mix of exciting truth in order to sell lies that murder tens of thousands of people.

And you will note as well, that the US surveillance and spying is mostly all continuing - it was the CIA plan that 'Snowden revelations' would help terrorise and blackmail the world, but the activities themselves would continue. And Snowden and Greenwald have admitted the US government itself controls the 'Snowden revelations'!

The US regime and CIA are obsessed with CIA media control, fake 'opposition', and using truth to help sell lies that kill innocent people and suppress the truth. You look just beneath the surface of Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and their gang, and you find Snowden is surrounded by CIA-tied people and companies, with CIA connections going back 40 years. Moreover, the fake 'brave journalist' is a 40-year-old CIA trick, and Greenwald's partner, Snowden journalist Gellman, was mentored by an older CIA fake 'brave journalist'!

You will note that aside from the narrow box of 'surveillance stories', Snowden, Greenwald and their gang, spread oily lies to support CIA media and American regime crimes. They spread lying praise for the CIA media companies who have been helping murder thousands of people in Syria and in Ukraine. They spread lying praise for CIA media who take bribes to slander, censor and kill real US dissidents, for CIA media who support America's top political families in disgusting personal crimes of extortion, terrorism and even violations of the bodies of children.

The entire Snowden-Assange gang, is opposed and hostile, even insulting to the movement for truth about the mass-murder of US citizens on 11 Sep 2001, which, as Italy's past President Cossiga said, is well known by Europe's intelligence agencies to have been run by the US government itself. Thousands of architects, engineers, retired US military officers and intelligence agents, describe the fraud of US government lies about 11 Sep 2001 - and yet Snowden and Greenwald pretend they believe these lies that no serious person believes, while Assange is insulting heroes such as Latin-American-heritage William Rodriguez, the 'Last Man Out' of the burning towers after saving many lives, a brave man who refused to lie about the US crimes though offered fame and fortune if he would do so.

Regarding Glenn Greenwald himself, it is quite laughable, his pose as a 'brave journalist' now, when his career is not distinguished by such bravery aside from the claims in this CIA-Snowden farce. Glenn Greenwald has worked in turn for 3 billionaire families - the richest family in America (Gates, at Salon); the richest family in the world (the Rothschilds, at the Guardian); and now Greenwald has received $50 million in CIA-tied funds, from deeply CIA-involved billionaire Pierre Omidyar, a leader in CIA operations that murdered hundreds of people in Ukraine.

CIA 'journalist' Glenn Greenwald has a similar profile to another CIA media figure, Jimmy Wales of the lying, murdering CIA Wikipedia site - also using a mix of truth to sell CIA lies on the internet. Both Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Wales had early careers selling pornography, now they are CIA-pumped media figures, spreading lies for those who molest bodies of children and murder innocent people. Greenwald was given fast, instant CIA approval for million-dollar book deals at US-CIA tied publishers, and he and his billionaire boss is able to romp and play freely on US territory, despite claiming to hold 'thousands' of 'stolen espionage documents'.

Greenwald has 50 million dollars to run a media company of supposed 'brave journalism', and Glenn Greenwald is laughing in the face of victims who trust him and send him information. Greenwald has no intention of publishing most stories against the US regime (unless approved by the CIA), and he is likely collecting the information for the US government to help identify, destroy, even kill US dissidents.

There are many silly tricks being used by Greenwald and the CIA to promote their deception, such as pretend-harassment of Greenwald's Brazilian gay lover at a British airport, by CIA partners in the British government, or the even more laughable 'destroying the computers' of the CIA-tied, lying, murdering UK Guardian newspaper.

The CIA is very pleased with Brazil giving Greenwald a foreign home to conduct his CIA media operations, Greenwald pretending to be a 'dissident journalist' while being a CIA liar. The CIA is so pleased in fact, it has begun a manoeuvre to bring Snowden himself to Brazil, where he and Greenwald could run their CIA lying operation together, pretending to be 'dissidents' under a duped and deceived Brazilian government. The CIA feels it will be much easier for Snowden to be in contact with his fellow CIA agents in Brazil.

For the honour of the noble Brazilian government, it should not be involved in official promotion of the CIA programme of lies and murder that is the object of the activities of Glenn Greenwald and his partners in the CIA's 'Operation Fake Dissident, Snowden and Assange'. Alongside with our friends in the Russian government, Brazil's police and intelligence agencies should review carefully the data that shows that Greenwald is a CIA criminal, and review whether Greenwald's lies for the CIA constitute one or more crimes under Brazilian law.

The larger project advocated by President Rousseff, opposing the CIA-led spying and internet control programmes, is a very important one for the future of the world, and the deceptions of Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, so aggressively pushed by CIA media companies, even serves to emphasise the importance of President Rousseff's initiatives.

Maybe even more important than the spying / surveillance issue, is the ugly matter of 'CIA-Google system of internet content control, crushing truth by 5 levels of CIA lies ... CIA creating a CIA rubbish internet', as described in the enclosed report at Russian government offices. This is complemented by the enclosed report from European police agency files on fundraising fraud by CIA-Wikipedia, the '20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia deception', giving an overall view of CIA internet control strategies, threatening the government and people of Brazil and most other world nations.

We do, indeed, need a new overall internet in the world, that is not operated by CIA liars and murderers such as those at CIA-Google and CIA-Wikipedia. Brazil and other nations taking the lead in a new, multi-polar world, can be a great help in ultimately providing us with internet search, e-mail and similar, that is not associated with CIA lying and spying.

In Brussels I have met with individuals associated with some governments, helping inform them on the CIA internet control techniques that are helping to defraud and murder people and companies around the world. I am at the service of Brazil as well, to help detail further the deception of Brazil by Snowden and Greenwald, and the general criminal acts to poison the internet in Brazil by the CIA web of lies and hoaxes.

Very respectfully yours,
Les Sachs
Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs

- Scholar of the history of law and religion, with 7 earned academic degrees from 3 universities, the first two from Harvard University, alongside many US leaders;

- Former leading global journalist on US judicial bribery and CIA media control, author of articles now 'erased' from the internet, with websites illegally blocked by CIA-Google, and continuously defamed and slandered by CIA-Wikipedia and associated extortionists, racists, and murderers working for America's top political families;

- Author, 'America's Corrupt Legal System - A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents'; Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation'; 'Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the US Crisis of Judicial Corruption';

- Former USA resident who risked being tortured to death, attempting defence of human and Constitutional rights inside the United States, facing down terrorist gangster lawyers in a US courtroom, alone because US lawyers cower in fear before bribed US judges;

- Former nationally-known US anti-corruption book author, media publisher; now a target of US threats of terrorist political murder, perhaps soon dead;

- Winner of US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award, in a long-ago, less-fascist USA, back when even America did not have the death penalty;

- Polish and EU citizen with the heritage of Jews of Warsaw uprising resistance, and Poland's Renaissance culture of tolerance; now of Asian spirituality seeing the divine in animals, nature, and the Asian pathways of dharma and the dao;

- Brussels, Belgium, photo chronicler of 'Historic Brussels' and martyrs of anti-Nazi resistance interred at the Ereperk der Gefusilleerden - Enclos des Fusillés; beneficiary of European and Belgian protection against criminal acts of the Americans.

* * * * *

This report is published by the Jewish community of Flanders, as part of response to criminal attacks and internet hoaxing by the US government and its partners, against a Jewish victim living in our territory