Venedig - die Stadt der Träume

enice - a city built on 118 islands, a city with 2 sides: on one hand it's a city of dream and on the other hand it's a city fighting against sinking into the sea - forever.

Venice also struggles with unhygienic sanitary conditions, with shocking prices in the housing market, and with the thousands of tourists visiting the city every year.

Despite all this, Venice for me, is still an attractive city - the flair, the gondolas, Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, ... I love it! Furthermore there are so many hidden places in Venice, uncountable small streets and bridges off-the-beaten track - ideal for romantic moments... You can wander along endlessly, but take care not to get lost (this happened twice to me, already!).

Personally, I think Venice is a city full of surprises therefore I recommend everybody to explore this city without a travel-guide (but with a map!) and experience its wonders! However, if you want to get an insight into the complicated structure of the city climb the 98.6 m high tower San Marco or the 75 m high Campanile of the island church San Giorgio Maggiore - you'll be rewarded with a fantastic view!

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