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Today’s articles on Macro View

Editors’ Picks

The U.S. Housing Bubble Is Back by Ironman at Political Calculations

A Much Better Alternative For Cyprus by Felix Salmon

Ditch The Euro, But Not Just Yet by Shareholders Unite

Market Outlook

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News by Wall Street Breakfast

Impact Of The 'Draghi Put' On The Cyprus Crisis And Key Euro Levels To Watch by Pendulum

The Fed Won't Stop The Party Just Yet by Daniel Sckolnik

Unprecedented Move In Cyprus by David Brown

Four Reasons To Stop Buying by Jason Laub

A Good Start Tends To Mean A Good Year by Cullen Roche

The VIX As A Measure Of Uncertainty, Not Volatility by Evan Schnidman

Must Investors Be On Twitter? by Felix Salmon

Mila Kunis, Euphoria And The Stock Market by John Rothe

Playing Cyprus: The Stupid Burn by Dana Blankenhorn

The 'Too Big To Jail' Red Herring: The Jamie Dimon Edition by James A. Kostohryz

Cyprus: Bail In And Contagion by Evariste Lefeuvre

Monday Market Mayhem: Cyprus Declares 'A Nuclear War On Savings And Wealth' by Philip Davis

Daily State Of The Markets: Will Cyprus Be The Trigger? (And Ways To Play The Coming Correction) by David Moenning

Cyprus Bank 'Tax' And Assets by Chris Ridder

Today's Market News To Trade On: 5 Stocks Moving On News by Matthew Smith

Gold & Precious Metals

My Observations On Gold For March by John Mylant

Will Silver And Silver Wheaton Bounce Back? by Lior Cohen

Wakeup Call From Cyprus To The Rest Of The World by Gold Silver Worlds

Precious Metals And Miners Should Soar As Investors Seek Out Alternative Currencies by Jeb Handwerger

Investing In Gold: Is A Bubble Popping? by Arthur Stein

Gold To Gain On Lost Trust In European Banks by Tom Luongo


Gulfport Energy Corporation: What Shines Like Gold May Be Hay by Value Digger

Corn And Soybean Prices Have Opposite Effect On Fertilizer, Food Company Stocks by The Mays Report

Haynesville Shale: Production Decline May Continue Through Year End by Richard Zeits

Natural Gas Soars On Cold March Weather And A Look At Other Markets by James Roemer

Commodity Chart Of The Day: S&P by Matthew Bradbard

The Big Mo: Buy Just Before Momentum Players Cause Prices To Surge by Steven Jon Kaplan

Southeast Asia Will Drive Oil Politics by Peter Pham

Will Ethanol Mandates Hurt Your Refining Stock, Your Car, And The Economy? by Michael Fitzsimmons

5 Commodity Stocks Moving On News by Matthew Smith


The Most Important U.S. Economic Number Right Now by Russ Koesterich

Calm Down Over Cyprus by George Liu

A Much Better Alternative For Cyprus by Felix Salmon

The Empire Of Lies: Confiscatory Deflation In Cyprus by Pater Tenebrarum

The Fed Is Not 'Printing Money' by Calafia Beach Pundit

Interview With Liz Ann Sonders: Next 2 Years: 2% To 3% Growth At Most, Driven By Housing by Harlan Levy

U.S. Pulls Ahead Of Europe by Calafia Beach Pundit

Don't Get Too Excited About Cyprus by Cam Hui

India: Set For Slowest Growth In A Decade by MetalMiner

The Feds Are Apparently Now 'Printing' Precious Metals by David Ziffer

It's Time For The Annual Springtime Eurozone Crisis by Hale Stewart

Europe's Latest Monetary Experiment by Christopher Mahoney

U.K. Budget: No Fiscal Consolidation, But Looser Money Ahead by AllianceBernstein


Too many Cuts, Not Enough Band Aids For The Euro by Dean Popplewell

Dollar Firm, Axniety Still High by Marc Chandler

Yes, Stealing Really Is That Bad by The Inflation Trader

Euro Buying Interest Fades Ahead Of $1.30 by FXstreet

Forex: Euro Pretends To Recover, But Sentiment Is Looming by FXstreet

Is GBP A Currency Crisis Waiting To Happen? by Kevin Lester

Why Cyprus Is Not Really A Negative For The Euro by Paulo Santos

Ditch The Euro, But Not Just Yet by Shareholders Unite

EUR/USD: The Week Ahead by Emil Mark

Real Estate

Wall Street Has Officially Arrived by Pater Tenebrarum

The U.S. Housing Bubble Is Back by Ironman at Political Calculations


Developments In Southeast Asian Insurance by Peter Pham