Our project is over, we have reached our goal:

Our project is over, we have reached our goal:
- Warning the right authorities

There is no more need to share this link, if the authorities do their job well (which we hope they will). To prevent more "fear" from being spread we have therefore removed all our tweets except for this one. Today we trust you for once, authorities.

Because the authorities didn't pay attention we took to the web and warned civilians, who helped us reach the authorities AND Daesh. Daesh now knows that we are after them and that we know their threats and possible plans, we wish the authorities good luck in catching and preventing their actions.

We wanted the authorities to know about this as quickly as possible so that we could prevent too much attention being drawn to our account (which is why we it shut down, it was about getting the intel to them, not about us getting attention), we thank those who helped us inform the authorities. We stand by our motto for this project: Better safe than sorry.

http://irc.lc/anonnet/opparis is still the place where people fight for #OpParis, join them there to support their work!