Vigil for kidnapped schoolgirl in Nigeria on July 23, 2014


Walk Free calls today this Wednesday 23. July 2014 (since 100 days kidnapped!) at the vigil and/or protestphotoaction for abducted children in Nigeria. Who wants to join is the calling in walk free,

where you thought about your night guard can also eg walk free or post on facebook. Here the coact adresses:

Share your pictures on Facebook and tag @WalkFree

Share your pictures on Twitter and use the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls and tag @WalkFree

Send photos and/or a brief write up to

And here the petition would be again:



amnesty international:

Please take part for the vigilaction and/or walkfreephotopostaction on facebook,twitter and e-mail and for the onlinepetitions!

P. Steinhuber - Germany