#Maidan #Ukraine #HeavenlyHundred #HeavensHundred a #FalseFlag operation?

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Last modified : 2014-03-13

It seems that the (hash)tags #HeavenlyHundred (similar: #HeavenHundred #HeavensHundred ) were planned before the sniper-shootings in Kiev,Ukraine around Feb 18-20 2014:

A Media-Professional from Lithuania with international connection published a pro-EU-propaganda slide-show (110 slides)  on 2014-02-01 (18 days before the shootings) with many photos from the violent riots late Januar and a symbolic image #101, called 'Heavenly Hundred', comment in handout:.'A Good Day to Die!'

The raw image for #101 in highest resolution (1280px) can be found on a ukranian fascist website with many horrible photos from the riots:

The image without title (#101) was used in the first tweets with these hashtags from 2012-02-23 although (only) about 70-80 were killed

2014-02-01 : from the slideshow  http://de.slideshare.net/Dradkevicius/ukraine-europe-and-v-for-freedom

slide #001/110

2014-02-01_slide #001/110

2014-02-01_slide #101/110 : "Heavenly Hundred"

2014-02-01 slide #110/110 :  Illuminati pyramid, Symbolism

Slideshow creator : Darius-Radkevicius (Lithuania)

all shows: http://de.slideshare.net/Dradkevicius/presentations

this slideshow from 2012-02-01 :  

with many photos from the violent riots in late Jan 2014

  • 1. Ukraine, Europe, Russia and V for Freedom! V for Vendetta
  • 2. Ukraine is EuropeHistorical Overview
  • 28. His Highness – Molotoff! [= fire-bottles]

  • 35. A Good Day to Die!
  • 36. Heavenly hundred

  • 42. Symbols, Hidden Meanings and Management

2014-02-20 : Riots in Maidan,Kiev,Ukraine, Snipers killed about 70

2014-02-22 : a Monument for the HeavenlyHundred was proposed inPrinceton(USA) by 3 US-companies, tied to Ukraine, how fast !!

2014-02-23 First tweeted photo with #HeavenlyHundred 

2014-02-23 First tweeted photo with #HeavensHundred

2014-02-23 New Facebook-pages created: https://www.facebook.com/theheavenlyhundred     https://www.facebook.com/theheavenshundred

and the ukrainian version https://www.facebook.com/nebesnasotnya.com.ua 'dedicated to the memory of the heroes who died on Euromaidan.'

2014-02-26 : Officially 83 dead since 2014-2-18 http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=uk...

2014-02-26 : leaked telephon-talk Paet/Ashton  www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yksCpYjPNo, published 2012-03-05

NEWS Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the Phone

Officers of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to the ousted President Viktor Yanukovich have hacked phones of Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton and leaked their conversation to the web. The officials discuss their impressions of what's happening in the country after the revolution. The gist of it is that Ukrainian people have no trust in any of the leaders of Maidan.
However the most striking thing of all is the fact which concerns the use of force during the revolution, particularly the snipers who killed both protesters and officers of the riot police. Mr. Paet reveals astonishing information which confirms the rumours that the snipers were employed by the leaders of Maidan.

2014-03-05: 99 dead

2014-03-12: Ukranian Ex-Secret-Service(SBU) head Yakimenko: 'US-Embassy gave order to Snipers at Maidan' 

in german: http://nocheinparteibuch.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/sbu-chef-alexander-yakimenko-sniper-gehorten-zu-parubiy-us-botschaft-gab-die-befehle/

video (Ukranian) :  www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9GT7X0JaRw

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