ISIS kills people with German weapons

Military experts point out that combat capacity of ISIS armed formations is still growing. ISIS has the highest level of combat readiness and huge arsenal of arms among terrorist organizations of the whole world. The sources of arms supply are well known, and Germany is one of them.

From the battlefield on the north of Syria there are indications that the quantity of weapons that falls into the hands of ISIS terrorists is increasing. According to CAR (Conflict Armament Research) report, ISIS terrorists obtain weapons from over 20 countries, including Germany. Some part of ammunition is brought by jihadists-tourists in the conflict zone, and some weapons are purchased by ISIS on the black market. Among samples of captured guns there are Heckler&Koch G36 assault rifles, G3 battle rifles and related ammunition, hand grenades as well as Milan anti-tank guided missiles.

It is well known that in 2014 West Germany (FRG) started running weapons for Peshmerga armed groups. I'd like to think the federal cabinet actually hands weapons over to Kurds in order to enable them to become defensive, though I question whether they really need it. Kurds are, in turn, making no secret that they resell German weapons to ISIS terrorists. Then these weapons are used against Berlin's coalition partners. The USA and Turkey assail with criticism to Merkel for her close links with Dilshad Barzani who heads the Kurdish diaspora in Germany. However, the Chancellor of Germany continues to equip Northern Kurdistan with arms, thereby indirectly supporting ISIS.