Online petition against slavery in Uzbekistan


This time I want to show an online petition (by walk free).

Daewoo has continued doing business in Uzbekistan even after publicly acknowledging that the Uzbek government uses forced labour to produce the cotton it buys and processes.

The Petition call on south korea company Daewoo to send a strong message to the Uzbek government that forced labour cannot continue by:

  • stopping operations in Uzbekistan until the International Labour Organization has verified this practice has ended.
  • publicly pledging its opposition to the Uzbek government’s forced labour system

(text from walk free)

Here is the onlinepetition:

There are already came to some deaths.

Next month, so July would like to send free walk all the signatures of the online petition to the head office of the company Daewoo in Seoul (South Korea).

Patrick Steinhuber-94496 Ortenburg - Germany