Urgent actions against the execution of Leon Taylor on November 19 2014 in Missouri USA!

The execution is already on 19 November 2014 0:01 CDT Missouri! Please read this section of Amnesty International and supports the actions against the death penalty !:

Leon Taylor’s childhood was marked by parental alcoholism, violence, and abuse. According to his lawyers, he has undergone positive personal development in prison and has become a force for constructive relations among inmates and others. In 2001, Leon Taylor contacted Robert Newton’s (Note: he died in the attack) wife and daughter and expressed his remorse and condolences for their loss. Robert Newton’s widow has since made statements indicating that that she has forgiven him.

and the next this would speak against death sentence:

In 2002, the US Supreme Court ruled in Ring v. Arizona that the constitutional right to a jury trial required that any finding necessary to enhance punishment be made by a jury. In 2003, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that Ring should be applied retroactively, and subsequently commuted to life imprisonment the death sentences of all Missouri inmates sent to death row before Ring as the result of a sentence imposed by a judge after the jury was unable to agree on punishment. In other words, if the prosecutor had not committed misconduct at the 1995 sentencing, Leon Taylor’s original death sentence would have been commuted to life. Instead, due to the prosecutor’s misconduct, he was resentenced by an all-white jury and this death sentence has stood.

Please support the actions against this execution:

ForceChange online petition:http://forcechange.com/135037/stop-racially-biased... appeal action (Availabilities in French and Spanish):http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/AMR51/052/2014/en

and a appeal action NCADP


and here the twitteraccount of the governor Jay Nixon:


More appeal addresses:Contact details for Parols of Missouri, as well as website with e-mail addresses:http://doc.mo.gov/Contact_Us.phpHere a E-mailadress:


3400 Knipp Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: (USA) (001) 573-751-8488
TTY: (USA) (001) 800-735-2966
Fax: (USA) (001) 573-751-8501Supreme Court (Supreme Court) of Missourihttp://www.courts.mo.gov/index.nsf/ContactsPage?OpenFormand here the supreme court (Supreme Court) of the United States:http://www.supremecourt.gov/contact/contactus.aspxPlease support the actions against these executions! There is not a better solution if the state takes life!

Patrick Steinhuber, Ortenburg, GERMANY