EU Prosecutor, Commissioner Report: Eric Holder - Google crimes, BNP extortion

This report to the public prosecutors of France, Germany and Belgium, and the EU Commissioners, makes reference to two other dossiers in the police, prosecutor and intelligence agency files of European countries. Those other files are found here:

CIA Wikipedia-Google fraud EU police report

Russia FSB SVR report, Snowden Greenwald are CIA frauds pt1

This report is published by the Jewish community of Flanders, as part of response to criminal attacks and internet hoaxing by the US government and its partners, against a Jewish victim living in our territory

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Report to France, Germany, Belgium Public Prosecutors, EU Commissioners - Report on Criminal Acts of US Justice Minister Eric Holder & Google Inc., related to 10bn extortion of BNP Paribas

Her Excellency Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin, Germany
German Federal Public Prosecutor Harald Range, Karlsruhe, Germany
in care of His Excellency, German Ambassador Dr Eckart Cuntz, Brussels Belgium

His Excellency Président François Hollande, Paris, France
French General Public Prosecutor François Falletti, Paris, France
in care of His Excellency, French Ambassador Bernard Valero, Brussels, Belgium

Belgian Federal Public Prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw, Brussels, Belgium

Joaquín Almunia, Vice-President, EU Commissioner for Competition
Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
Neelie Kroes, Vice-President, EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda
Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights & Citizenship

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, CEO, BNP Paribas, Paris, France
Maxime Jadot, CEO, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels, Belgium

--- US Justice official Eric Holder EU crimes and fraud, extortion of BNP Paribas in context of web of multiple Holder-sponsored US crimes to cause billions in losses to EU citizens, companies

--- Google Inc crimes in EU, hiding search results, spreading lies in order to deceive the EU about US regime / Eric Holder criminality, with monopoly Google a US tool to attack, defraud the EU

--- US fraud in France, Germany Belgium, stealing hundreds of thousands of euros, sponsored by US gov't, Eric Holder & Google in criminal fundraising fraud for CIA's Wikipedia

--- Eric Holder targeting EU, promising non-prosecution of US criminals who attack, defraud Europe, including US terrorist, racist threats to kill EU citizens and destroy European lives

--- Eric Holder & Google in bribery corruption of US judges targeting EU citizens, companies, while Google censors, spreads lies, erases EU journalism to hide US judge bribery crimes, with even deranged US national judges sending harassing e-mails to EU from US courthouses

--- Eric Holder, aided by Google in criminal intimidation, career destruction, even murder of US judges, officials, lawyers, media, when not co-operative or silent in anti-EU bribery crimes

--- Eric Holder, US gov't offering a multi-million-cost 'free pass' to attack, defraud EU citizens, companies, even engage in molesting bodies of children, Eric Holder guaranteeing non-prosecution of all crimes, including lies via Google search, EU citizens blocked from replying

---- Google legal chief Drummond offers criminals a 'Google censorship & defamation' package to help spread lies, erase truth on Google-Wikipedia, ready for any criminal bribing US judges

--- Deceptive attack to intimidate German Chancellor Merkel, sponsored by Eric Holder as part of CIA agents 'Edward Snowden' fraud scheme

--- Eric Holder sponsors laughter at US jailing of innocent French citizen Léonel Cazaco

--- Worse than NSA 'revelations' are US-gov't-tied Google abusing EU search monopoly, with 5 levels of internet content control, including censoring, erasing EU journalists, with Google lying to sabotage EU companies, citizens to favour US political criminals

--- Eric Holder & Google lead joy & laughter in their deception of EU officials, governments: "We're f-cking America and we control the whole world internet!" - need for concerted EU & Member State action against Eric Holder / Google EU fraud, extortion, terrorism crimes
Your Excellencies of European Union Member States and EU Commissioners; public prosecutors of France, Germany and Belgium; and Chief Executives of BNP Paribas,

The recent attack attempting to seize billions of euros from BNP Paribas, by United States justice minister, Attorney General Eric Holder, was immediately scorned as devious and corrupt by leading global financial sites. The attack on BNP Paribas, is in fact only one of a large web of criminal, deceptive and fraudulent acts against EU companies and citizens, that are supervised and sponsored by Mr Holder, whose criminal history is hidden via censorship by Google Inc.

As will be clear to all of you, Eric Holder is a highly corrupt official involved in continual crimes against Europeans as well as his own citizens. A prime support enabling Mr Holder's crimes - the background of his attempt at legal-system, bribed-judge extortion of BNP Paribas - is that Mr Holder's substantial criminal history, is hidden by media partners, most importantly the criminal legal director of EU monopoly search engine Google Inc, David Drummond. Google erases websites dealing with Mr Holder's crimes, and actively promotes and publishes thousands of words of lies and defamations about the criminal activity of Mr Holder and his partners in United States government, monstrously abusing Google's role in EU societies.

The extortion of BNP Paribas is an extension of Holder's other crimes of fraud and theft against EU citizens, and an attempt to distract from Holder's own deep bribery corruption with other US criminals. And not only BNP Paribas, but EU companies generally, are at risk of many billions more by US court and Justice Dept corruption under Eric Holder. Criminal enquiries and prosecutions can immediately be undertaken in Europe, by national prosecuting authorities in Belgium, France, and Germany, and other nations as well, that can stop and prevent billions of euros of fraud against EU companies and citizens, and that can expose Mr Holder's extortion of BNP Paribas for the hypocritical offence that it is, and prevent further such devious extortions by the US government in the future.

Moreover, important steps should be taken by EU Commissioners and authorities, regarding the leading criminal role taken by Google Inc, in helping some Americans to commit massive financial fraud, acts of terrorism, and ongoing large-scale harm to EU citizens and societies. These are strong words, but the criminal evidence being 'erased' from the internet by Google, or otherwise smothered via multiple levels of Google obstruction of justice, make the reality clear.

It is difficult for some EU countries, especially small ones such as Belgium, to directly confront large-scale fraud and terrorist acts that are being sponsored by US criminals such as Eric Holder, criminals at the highest levels of US government, even when evidence in hand is crystal clear. We have in the EU, a great silent fear of the brutal revenge of Americans, and this is a serious matter given how Eric Holder himself sponsors crimes such as the molesting of bodies of children and murders of innocent people, and is supervising US financial fraud in nearly every EU nation.

To confront these crimes of the US regime in Europe, carried on via the criminal abuse of their Google Inc weapon, it is helpful for Europeans to act as a group, with the leadership of France and Germany and the EU Commissioners presenting a solid front, supporting the actions of individuals such as our Belgian federal prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw.

As some of you know, I am a Harvard classmate of top US leaders, including top advisors of both US Presidents G W Bush and Barack Obama, and the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court (who was appointed as a consequence of my journalism about a rival corrupt US judge). I am a Polish citizen with Jewish heritage, who was also one of the most highly educated citizens of the USA - but I barely escaped alive out of the US, from the terrorist threats to murder me, by a gang of political criminals who continue to be sponsored and protected by Eric Holder.

For a time I was one of the leading world journalists on US court corruption and media control crimes (such as CIA direction of Wikipedia), but that journalism has been 'erased' thanks to Eric Holder's criminal partners at Google Inc. And along with the erasure of my journalism from the internet, Eric Holder and Google have jointly sponsored a massive attempt to destroy my life in Europe, with tens of thousands of words of lies about me, published by Google, while Google blocks all my websites so I cannot reply and denounce the lies and hoaxes.

Belgium has been kind enough to give me some protection, although my native country of Poland is not kind to me. Soon, the Brussels law office of George-Henri Beauthier on Rue Berckmans in Brussels, will be introducing into the Belgian courts, some aspects of the crimes against me by the partners of Eric Holder, most notably the crimes of lying, murdering monopoly search engine Google Inc, and how they publish defamatory hoaxes about me but block my replies.

The crimes of Eric Holder and Google against EU citizens, EU nations, and the EU economy, are some of the most serious criminal and economic threats to Europe today. The attempted extortion of billions from BNP Paribas by this bribery-sponsoring, lying, Eric Holder, is just one of a web of crimes comprehensively damaging all of us here in Europe. The attacks on me by Eric Holder and his criminal partners such as Google Inc, is part of what has grounded the current extortion attempt against BNP Paribas. Unless we in the EU take strong prosecutorial action against the anti-EU crimes Eric Holder sponsors, many further anti-EU crimes will occur.

To confront the clearly-proven fraud crimes in Europe carried on under Eric Holder, it is necessary for EU authorities who review the evidence, to come to terms with the fact that the US does not have a normal or fair government or court system. Every day in Europe we suffer large-scale fraud because Europeans still imagine the USA is like in Hollywood movies, and the crimes of Eric Holder and his friends are censored and hidden not only by CNN-type news, but by Google itself.

The reason the US regime and Eric Holder sponsor the threats to kill me, the reason the US government's Google tool 'erases' my websites while publishing non-stop lies about me, is precisely because of my powerful ability as a witness to the crimes of Eric Holder's friends, and my skills from over 30 years of writing on US corruption, and as an analyst of US-government-sponsored crimes against Europe and Europeans. My services as witness and journalist on US criminality is something that can serve to protect all EU citizens, and help preserve billions in the EU economy, billions which are continually being stolen by Americans, who abuse their Google Inc internet monopoly as a tool of economic warfare against Europe.

With this report, outlining for EU Member States, for European criminal prosecutors, and the EU Commission, the nature of the US gov't - US bribed judge - Google Inc crimes that are actively damaging and threatening all of our lives here, all of you reading this, should support and take joint action to address the crimes of Google and US government-backed fraud and terrorism in Europe, so that Belgian national prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw does not have the fearsome task of acting nearly alone, against a US government that openly supports threats of murder against anyone who exposes the US judge bribery complex, a bribery complex menacing to launch a malicious wrecking ball against French bank BNP Paribas.

Easy immediate action on the Eric Holder - Google Wikipedia fundraising fraud of EU citizens. The most immediate, simple and easy action for France, Germany and Belgium to take in the short term, is public criminal prosecution of the clearly-proven fundraising fraud in EU countries by the CIA's Wikipedia-Wikimedia websites, co-sponsored by Eric Holder and Google, which is cheating common EU citizens out of hundreds of thousands of euros. A substantial EU police dossier on Wikipedia's EU fundraising fraud as a tool of the CIA, and Wikipedia's 'Twenty Major Techniques of Wikipedia Deception' used in US attacks on Europe, is appended to this report.

Wikipedia was long ago totally proven to be an arm of the US government and intelligence agencies, directed by international criminal Jimmy Wales, hired by the CIA out of the pornography business to be the fake 'founder' of this 'Trojan horse' site giving anonymous cover for insertion of lies by CIA agents, for US political criminals threatening to kill Europeans, and every manner of US government-backed fraudster and hoaxer, and even helping Americans to molest bodies of children - an offence gleefully supported by US Justice minister Eric Holder, by Google legal chief David Drummond, and by Jimmy Wales 'founder' of the CIA's Wikipedia.

Wikipedia relies on the 'mixing lies with truth' technique. 90% or so may be 'neutral' (yet often still in error and non-reliable), in order to aggressively sell CIA - US government criminal hoaxes in the other 10%; while Google, itself built with CIA seed money, constantly pushes Wikipedia and its clones to top of search results, in order to make CIA and US regime hoaxes dominant.

Wikipedia is where American political criminals tell each other they can always insert lies about their crimes; where Eric Holder and his friends, and Google itself, continually plant and publish lies about their own criminal activities. "Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia!" is the laughing boast of Eric Holder's criminal partners.

Wikipedia's top administrators send harassing e-mails to Europe directly from CIA contractor e-mail addresses, and Wikipedia was long ago proven to have its content often inserted directly from CIA computers. I myself was one of the early journalists in the previous decade, to expose the criminal and CIA nature of Wikipedia, before Google 'erased' my journalism from the web.

To carry out this fraud against Europe, Eric Holder sponsors bribery of US judges who 'order' Google to erase some of the journalism exposing Wikipedia, and Google not only censors these sites, but also actively publishes lies about witnesses to Wikipedia crimes, while promoting Wikipedia lies ahead of any truth. It is a great sadistic pleasure of Eric Holder and his friends, to defraud EU citizens into paying for a CIA website, which is continually publishing lies about their own crimes. They believe they are the 'clever' American criminals hoaxing 'stupid Europeans'.

The criminal prosecution of the Wikipedia fundraising fraud in Europe, will do more than save millions of euros for EU citizens who are being cheated by these CIA liars. It will strike a major blow against this whole web of American hypocrisy, which includes Eric Holder's attack on BNP Paribas, and it will send a message to Holder that his days of deceiving Europe are ending. It will do much as well to limit the harm that Google Inc is doing now in Europe, abusing its monopoly to give the EU a rubbish internet dominated by hoaxes written by US agents, murderers, and those who molest children. More on the Google-Wikipedia fraud crimes is below.

US arbitrary, abusive targeting of foreigners generally, France and Germany in particular. As the news story broke of Eric Holder's attempt to extort 10 billion from BNP Paribas on a flimsy pretext, one of the most popular financial news sites in the world, ZeroHedge, openly laughed with scorn at the criminal Eric Holder, specifically citing his and the USA's continual arbitrary targeting of non-US banks and individuals. Indeed, US Justice chief Holder is taken is a laughingstock to much of the financial and investment community, precisely because of his continual indulgence of massive financial crimes by those who pay the 'ticket' of millions in US bribes and political donations. Meanwhile, a few foreigners are 'hit' with aggressive targeting.

Despite large-scale evidence of many enormous financial crimes and fraud, including theft of over a billion in customer deposits, massive mortgage fraud, and drug-money laundering by US banks, Eric Holder and the US Justice Dept are famous throughout the world for almost never prosecuting any well-connected, heavily-donating, bribe-paying US figure. Friends and donors of Bushes, Clintons and Obamas are fully protected by Eric Holder's laughed at 'in-'Justice Dept.

And yes, Eric Holder under President Obama, just like the government under US President Bush, protects criminals from both US political 'parties'. - Europeans need to understand about the USA, that its '2 party system' is partly a sham. Bushes and Clintons and Obamas are friends, often getting donations and bribes from the same people, who are then able to bribe US judges, and have all crimes and offences protected by any US government, whether 'Democrat' or 'Republican'. Regarding US government corruption and judge bribery, those two 'parties' are essentially the same - a 'theatre show' of superficial differences, which does not affect America's elite of ruling families and multi-millionaires who pay the full 'bribery ticket price' (see below).

On the other hand, Eric Holder's laughed-at 'Justice Department' does target individuals of foreign heritage, to scapegoat them for Wall Street crimes - a South Asian heritage person here, a Russian-heritage person there. Moreover, the US Justice Dept has a particular desire to intimidate, humiliate, and deceive and defraud France and Germany. US hostility regarding France has somewhat deeper roots, dating back to Charles De Gaulle who often spoke of the need to be independent of the US, sending a French battleship to the US to collect French gold.

From Fabrice Tourre to the BNP Paribas extortion. Several years ago, in the early stage of the financial crisis, despite massive evidence of criminal activity by Wall Street firms, a nearly lone prime scapegoat was selected to take the blame for avalanches of corruption around him - not an American, but a French citizen, Fabrice Tourre, prosecuted and sentenced under the corrupt Eric Holder.

There is a particular joy among US government criminals in targeting French citizens. Among the many, many abuses and crimes sponsored by the totally corrupt Eric Holder, is his continued jailing for life in prison of the totally innocent French citizen Mr Léonel Cazaco, a man so clearly innocent that the other person actually guilty, has confessed to the crime for which Mr Cazaco was illegally convicted. Cazaco was 'railroaded' into prison by one of the most corrupt judges in America, 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game,' a US national judge who is directly involved in the threats to murder me as well, as he took bribes from my attackers.

But Eric Holder keeps the totally innocent French citizen Cazaco in prison, because it is a pleasure for America's criminal psychopaths, who laugh at the suffering Mr Cazaco as a "f-cking French n-gger" (Mr Cazaco is a black man). And to help keep Mr Cazaco in prison, the racist criminal David Drummond, Google legal chief, censors websites that help prove Cazaco was sentenced by a criminally dishonest, terrorist and murderous judge. Eric Holder totally refuses to move toward the release of a French citizen whom he knows is innocent, and he refuses to move to prosecute and impeach the criminals who put him in jail. Holder, a black man himself, has no shame in supporting anti-black racism by wealthy US criminals. French government action to free M. Cazaco, with the direct involvement of Président Hollande, is another key immediate act, that needs to be taken against the US criminals Eric Holder and Google Inc, keeping in mind the US judges they help to bribe.

Germany is also an increasing target of US intimidation, as shown in the recent CIA attack and humiliation upon Angela Merkel. For the US authorities and the Central Intelligence Agency, Germany, as the most powerful nation in the EU, has become a great worry, especially given how many German politicians and business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of US dishonesty and US efforts to sabotage German business.

And moreover, Eric holder was directly involved in the recent CIA actions to humiliate and intimidate German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is part of the nature of a US Justice minister now, that his job has little to do with facts and the law and 'justice', but very much to do with political targeting and international CIA activities of economic and political warfare. Although some German officials have been seemingly slow to realise it, the revelations of US-NSA tapping and eavesdropping of Chancellor Merkel's private phone, was an intentional CIA humiliation of the German Chancellor.

What should be better understand in the EU, is something that our Russian partners understood some time ago. The man 'Edward Snowden' in Russia is a fake, an active CIA agent who never 'stole' any documents. The Snowden fake 'journalists' - Glenn Greenwald etc - are direct CIA assets, and it was under CIA instruction that they spread the 'news' about tapping Chancellor Merkel's phone, in order to have Ms Merkel intimidated, humiliated and blackmailed by the US government.

Moreover, Eric Holder was a direct sponsor of intimidating and humiliating Chancellor Merkel, Holder fully knowing that Snowden is active CIA agent and not real. Holder filed fake 'charges' against Snowden to give him more credibility, a technique US intelligence calls 'sheep-dipping'.

This becomes absolutely clear upon reading the report at Russia's SVR and FSB intelligence / security agencies on the CIA-Snowden fraud, which is also appended to this report.
(This report in Moscow also includes further material on the CIA involvement with controlling the media to hide US judge bribery, directly contributing to Holder's extortion of BNP Paribas).

The 'Snowden' CIA hoax is a large affair, but in brief, the Snowden 'revelations' were nothing new aside from details and media hype. The Snowden 'story' is full of lies and holes, and Snowden's 'journalists' and 'lawyers' all have CIA connections, in some cases going back nearly 40 years.

The purposes of 'CIA Operation Fake Dissident Snowden' include intimidating and terrorising the world, including Chancellor Merkel, and supporting CIA-tied, bribe-taking Anglo media companies (New York Times, Guardian) to make their other CIA lies more credible, with this fake 'dissident' story. These are the same media supporting Eric Holder's US judge bribery crimes. Snowden himself even admits the 'Snowden revelations' are US-gov't-supervised, and Snowden has been openly telling oily lies for CIA-tied media hoaxers as his hobby now.

One must never underestimate US government willingness to tell lies and defraud Europe on the most enormous scale.

The key to understanding US government - Eric Holder criminality against Europe, is grounded in the following elements of the American criminal mind-set:
-- All crimes and fraud are 'legal' if approved by a bribed or intimidated US judge, by judges who are specifically appointed for their corruptibility - and US judges are sometimes murdered when they do not co-operate.
-- And secondly, all crimes and fraud are a 'success' when US-gov-Google bans or smothers the evidence in Google search results - which, of course, is easily 'ordered' by a bribed or intimidated US judge, and then the censorship is imposed by a criminally corrupt Google eager to get its own favours from US judge bribery. The US government and Google claim the right to censor the EU internet to benefit US criminals, and even the right to spread lies about European writers while Google illegally blocks EU journalists from replying.

US political and government criminals such as Eric Holder, and their many partners and servants at so-called 'high-powered' (i.e., US-judge-bribing) law firms, believe they are the most clever criminals in the world, and that nearly all people in Europe, and EU governments are fooled by their lies. And they often laugh among themselves, that they so easily carry out deception and fraud among themselves, by these two simple activities, the bribery and intimidation of US judges (who are falsely presented as an 'independent US judiciary'), and control of global media, carried out partly through CIA-tied media companies, but mostly now with domination of the world and especially domination of the EU, with two CIA-seeded and CIA-serving dominant internet sites, the CIA's Google Inc and the CIA's Wikipedia.

Europeans need to understand the degree of Anglo-country obsession with media control, whereas from an Anglo-American point of view, it is corrupting, controlling and intimidating the media, which enable all horrible and disgusting crimes to be committed. For Eric Holder and his criminal partners, it is the control of Google and the EU internet which is enabling his extortion of BNP Paribas and all the other anti-EU fraud and crimes he is sponsoring.

The Anglo obsession with controlling media, dates back to 1914, when Great Britain established the 'WPB - War Propaganda Bureau' at Wellington House in London, which began to publish the outrageous propaganda lies and hoaxes against Germany during the 1914-1918 war in Europe. The people working at Wellington House were so disgusted with themselves for their lying, they burned the files of Wellington House as the war ended - although we still have the many ugly and deceptive propaganda tracts they did publish, as part of historical archives.

Americans are certain it was the lying propaganda of Wellington House, which enabled Britain and its allies to avoid losing that war. The lying propaganda was key to manipulating the US public into entering war against Germany, which in turn enabled the UK and allies to conclude the war favourably for themselves. The bold lying techniques of Wellington House were greatly studied and expanded by Sigmund Freud's nephew living in America, Edward Louis Bernays, expert master of 'Propaganda' ... and then Wellington House and Bernays' techniques, were further developed by Hitler's associate Joseph Goebbels.

After 1945, the 'total information war' lying techniques of Wellington House - Bernays - Goebbels, were adopted by America's CIA as 'Operation Mockingbird', with control via ownership and intimidation of major US media companies. And today, it is the CIA-seeded-and-controlled Google and Wikipedia, which are America's leading global deception tools, still making use of the techniques from 100 years earlier at Wellington House, mixing truth in order to sell even bigger lies, lies that kill human being and financially destroy their victims. As Eric Holder's friends joke and laugh while conducting fraud and terrorist acts against European citizens, "We're f-cking America and we control the whole world internet!"

Furthermore, Eric Holder's criminal friends - involved in crimes against Europe that Eric Holder himself admits are technically acts of 'terrorism' - have an ugly obscene taunt against any EU citizens or officials who would try to oppose them. Eric Holder's friends laugh and demand, "Who controls Google and the internet, motherf-cker?"

More detail on how Google and Wikipedia are both CIA companies engaged in lying and fraud against Europe - how Google was developed with CIA funding, how Wikipedia operates as an arm of the CIA directly inserting lies from CIA computers, and much more - can be found in the attached EU Member State police report dossier on Wikipedia's fundraising fraud, which Wiki carries out with Eric Holder's support in nearly all EU countries. Eric Holder is very eager to support Wikimedia fundraising fraud, because Wikipedia and its many clone sites are key places for Eric Holder and his friends to publish lies about their crimes, right at top of search results, with search results manipulated by CIA-Google, so that CIA-Wikipedia lies are dominant.

As also mentioned in the report at Russia's SVR and FSB on the Snowden fraud scheme, recently used to intimidate and embarrass Germany's Chancellor Merkel, Google Inc is consciously and explicitly deploying 5 levels of internet content control against EU citizens and companies, and Google is thus a key enabler of Eric Holder's attempted extortion of BNP Paribas. In fact, Google Inc. has abused its internet monopoly to create a rubbish internet of American lies and hoaxes.

The first level of Google content control is that 'Google search' is not in fact some anonymous neutral computer algorithm selecting search results, but rather a Google-manipulated agenda of censoring and hoaxing the European Union, in order to benefit US criminals, US companies, US government, and even US psychopaths who molest bodies of children.

The second level of Google content control, is CIA-Google's more than a decade of ruthless promotion of Google's CIA partner, the CIA-Wikipedia site, with Google constantly seeking to ensure CIA-tied lying by American criminals are at the top of search results. Wikipedia is where CIA agents, US regime criminals such as Eric Holder, Google and Wikipedia themselves, and any American criminal, terrorist or child-abuser successfully bribing the 3 branches of the US government, is allowed to repeatedly plant lies about their crimes and defaming their victims.

For example, the George Bush family, when receiving bribes and gifts from various parties seeking influence, happily informs donors that Wikipedia is a CIA site they help control, and Wikipedia is permanently available for them to spread fake 'biographies' of themselves, with unlimited privileges to defame and cyber-stalk victims, under global CIA criminal, Jimmy Wales, the ex-pornographer posing as 'Jimbo, Wikipedia founder'. Eric Holder's friends say, "Just check on Google ... Just check on Wikipedia ... Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia!" And that is how Eric Holder views us all in Europe, as 'dumbf-cks' who accept and submit to this lying and defrauding.

The third level of Google content control - and a major reason why 'internet search' today has become a sordid task of wading through rubbish - is Google Inc's constant repetition of dozens and hundreds of websites which clone and replicate CIA-offered 'free' Wikipedia content. This is a specific criminal operation by Google Inc under its anti-EU legal chief David Drummond, in order to try to ensure that very few Google users, are able to escape the influence of Wikipedia lies, pushed by Google to top of search. Google Inc's computers very easily - and in fact usually - eliminate duplicates from search results. But they make an exception for duplicates of the CIA's Wikipedia - Google seeks to carry out the Hitler-Goebbels advice of repeating lies over and over again, to maximise the likelihood of the public being deceived by them.

The fourth level of Google content control, is that of promoting CIA-tied media companies, companies which directly accept CIA control of content and bribes for CIA lying, murdering, war-mongering and even child-molesting crimes. So here, right after the CIA-Wikipedia Trojan horse disinformation site and its clones, you will tend to see CIA-tied 'Operation Mockingbird' media - such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the UK's Guardian. Notably, the New York Times and UK Guardian both accepted CIA-bribes in the massive Pearson plc bribery scheme of all 3 branches of US government and 3 bribed US judges, and involving Eric Holder himself, a scheme targeting me, originally motivated by a need to hide the child-body-violating crimes of a friend of George Bush, whose book sale revenues were a major source of Bush family bribery funds. The CIA-tied New York Times and UK Guardian, as regular CIA liars, were both central in the CIA 'Snowden' fraud, one goals of which was precisely to promote CIA-tied lying media.

The fifth level of Google content control, is that of promoting CIA-tied fake-'opposition' alternative media, such as that of the CIA liar and hoaxer Glenn Greenwald, a key figure in the CIA attack to humiliate Germany's Chancellor Merkel via the Snowden fraud. The Americans love the trick of fake 'opposition' - its 2 parties of 'Democrat' or 'Republican' that pretend to have a 'big fight' on certain emotional themes (gay rights, gun rights), while being fully united on major matters such as supporting Wall Street corruption, US judge bribery, war-making, and Eric Holder's fraud crimes against EU banks, companies and citizens. The CIA is long known to be using fake 'opposition' websites and media, in order to re-direct and side-track real dissidents, and also to gather information about them. One goal of the CIA-Snowden fraud with Greenwald and the NYT / Guardian, is to have these CIA tools collect names and info from dissidents and whistleblowers, who can then be silenced, destroyed and killed.

An internet search thus often smothers any real truth, beneath these five levels of internet content control, and sometimes truth is even censored by Google altogether, with great harm to EU citizens and companies, and this is now a part of the extortion of BNP Paribas. One can note, for example, how Google Inc has been erasing and censoring all the journalism on my own websites, while eagerly promoting and publishing tens of thousands of words of lies about me, by Eric-Holder-and-Google terrorist partners who have threatened to murder me.

Serious researchers have noted for some years on how 'internet search' via Google has become a rubbish pile, but yet do not know that the large mass of material which is repeat of Wikipedia or other ignorant rubbish from 'CNN News', etc, is actually a conscious policy of CIA-Google. Sometimes one has to go through many pages of Google search results, before one can find an honest website published by someone sincerely reporting on what is really happening.

With regard to US media in general, Europeans need to understand how much the US-touted image of having a 'free media' is a lie. Europeans assume US media would cover US dissidents and victims of US injustice, but that is the exact opposite of the truth.

Beneath the CIA-Google-Wikipedia duopoly having overall control, most of the thousands of US corporate news websites, television and radio stations, are owned by just six companies, which naturally have ownership interests tied to US government and not angering US authorities. And despite being owned by people with billions or hundreds of millions, those people themselves are under constant threat of extortion and attack if their 'news' does not suit the US regime.

When the US attacks a media company or individual, it often does so with a 'sideways' attack and hoax that distracts from the genuine core motive for the attack. This was seen recently in the CIA-backed attack on one of the USA's most prominent media companies, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, who were publicly humiliated and put on notice they can be totally destroyed. Although the Murdochs generally support US foreign policy, their US domestic journalism has a somewhat 'populist' orientation, and the CIA and US oligarchy saw the Murdochs as a threat because of 'excessive' news favouring US populism and 'pro-US-Constitution' elements of the American dissident 'Liberty movement'.

In order to chasten and punish and frighten the Murdochs and News Corp, the totally corrupt CIA newspaper in Britain, the bribe-taking UK Guardian, was backed to 'hit' Murdoch's papers with the 'phone hacking' crime information easily gathered by the NSA. This also served the CIA agenda of pumping up the CIA's Guardian and its criminal editor Alan Rusbridger. 'Phone hacking' was pumped into global 'scandal', and criminally prosecuted by the UK, whereas Rusbridger's worse crimes of taking bribes in the CIA-backed Pearson plc bribery scheme, remain unpunished.

For smaller media figures in the US, the attacks on myself are an example. Although I was a somewhat nationally known media figure with my own media company, once I began to ask questions about people who turned out to be funding Bushes and Clintons, the extortion was swift and brutal. Surprised by police at my door, a few minutes later a bribed US national judge was on the phone, telling me my freedom to speak and write were instantly banned, and shortly after that, friends of the bribed judge (and of Eric Holder) were threatening to kill me, and that I had to pay extortion money to the judge's friends just to stay alive. In such cases, every US lawyer is implicitly threatened with instant termination of their law licence, if they dare to assist a victim of US judge bribery. All the crimes against me continue to be supported by Eric Holder, along with standing extortion threats against all US lawyers or media or organisations who might act against US bribed judges, or who might tell the truth about happened to me.

The US complex of national judge bribery and intimidation is well-hidden by Google and US media, but not difficult to understand. At its core, it is a part of bribery of all 3 branches of the US government - For companies and wealthy individuals paying 'contributions' / bribes to US Presidents and Senators and Congresspeople, bribery of US national judges is effectively included, with the bribes paid via the well-known 'high-powered' law firms.

US 'federal' (national) judges are appointed by the US President, and then approved by simple majority of the US Senate. Bushes and Clintons have been either the Presidents, or parts of every US government administration since the 1970s. So nearly all US national judges in office, owe 'favours' to Bushes and Clintons, and to those gave them (or Obamas) millions of dollars. These judges are selected from among the 'friends' and members of the high-powered, bribery-involved US law firms, while US Justice chiefs - including Eric Holder - give US judges letters promising them non-prosecution for taking bribes and other criminal acts in US courthouses, especially those criminal acts targeting Europe and Europeans.

This is clearly seen in Eric Holder's written promise of non-prosecution to US federal 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game', who illegally sentenced to life in prison innocent French citizen Leonel Cazaco, and the equally corrupt Judge Norman Moon, taking bribes to cover up for Judge Payne's bribery, himself sending harassing e-mails to Europe from the courthouse, and issuing court 'orders' to Google, to help conduct the CIA-Wikipedia European fundraising fraud. And since Google Inc.'s legal chief David Drummond gleefully directs operations to erase search information about his activities, Eric Holder has no shame in being a leading principal in all of these crimes against EU Member States and citizens. And this is what makes Eric Holder so arrogant in his extortion attempt of BNP Paribas.

The pathways of USA bribery are more sophisticated and indirect than elsewhere. As the CIA and NSA etc well know and accept, in the USA the principal conduit for major bribes is the US 'high-powered' law firms, who pay bribes in circumstances of virtually 100% assurance the bribery will not be prosecuted. Lawyers carry bribes to the judges on golf courses, in taverns, on social occasions and similar. For bribes to politicians, these bribes are often in the form of 'campaign monies' from 'political action groups', given to 'political campaigns' which highly compensate various 'friends' and family members of the politician. Sometimes, this is in the form of 'donations' to fake 'tax deductible charities' which once again involve the politician's family members or personal friends and servants. Many bribes are in 'deferred compensation', with lucrative job offers that are given after the corrupt official leaves office. For his work as a corrupt political criminal, Eric Holder expects to be rewarded with a job paying him many millions, likely from one of the US law firms whose bribery activities Eric Holder sponsored while working for Obama in US government.

It is mostly impossible for any US lawyer to oppose US judge bribery or related crimes, because the bribed judges ensure that such lawyers instantly lose their law licences, have their lives and careers totally destroyed, and are maybe even jailed. The many ex-lawyers who have suffered this, are well-hidden by US media and Google search results, with those of us who are journalists on such crimes also erased from Google. There are many such cases which I and others have documented, quite outrageous, such as the 'contempt of court' jailing brutality against elderly brave lawyer Richard Fine in California, and many other victims. Similar revenge will quickly and brutally strike any organisation or journalist. The US NGO 'civil liberties' groups are either in fear of being destroyed, or corrupted by bribery money themselves, like the CIA-tied, corrupt 'ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union', which does not dare oppose the US judge bribery machine, for fear of losing their funding, being bankrupted and shut down, and having their leaders destroyed and killed.

The more violent side of US judge bribery, is threatening and even carrying out murders of any US official, prosecutor or even federal judge, who tries to be honest and oppose the US judge bribery system. Various forms of extortion are used, threats of criminal charges for various offences which can be trumped up, violent attacks on judge's family members, and so on.

Eric Holder is himself in involved in threatening murder against US officials who have wanted to act against US corruption. Europeans tend not to realise the quite large number of political murders and attempted murders that have taken place against US officials, and also journalists, in these last few decades. A number of these are described in the attached report for Moscow agencies on the CIA Snowden fraud, and some of these political murders and threats of murder directly involve Eric Holder.

Recently, US national courts and even its Supreme Court, have become well-known for issuing blatantly un-Constitutional, even crazy-sounding rulings to benefit America's wealthy political families. At the same time, photographs of US judges - even of the US Supreme Court judges - reveal a visible fear in the faces of US high judges, for very good reason. Under Eric Holder, US federal judge John Roll was shot dead on the street in a classic CIA-type killing, shortly after issuing a brave ruling against Eric Holder's friends in the Obama regime. That murder was barely covered by US media, because it was primarily a warning to other US judges. Eric Holder is able to threaten murder of any US national judges who do not go along with the plan of extortion against BNP Paribas.

Eric Holder's threats to kill people, also extend to US Congresspeople who supervise the judges.
In the 1990s, the US regime murdered a famous US Congressman on the Judiciary Committee, the celebrity ex-singer Sonny Bono, former spouse of Hollywood star and singer Cher - Bono had been investigating the 'wrong' things. When President Obama entered office in 2008-09, an elderly Congressman from Michigan, John Conyers, was in charge of the US House Judiciary Committee. Duped by the fraud of Barack Obama, Conyers planned to at last use his many files about bribe-taking US judges, to strike at the US judges jailing innocent black people, such as French citizen Léonel Cazaco. Eric Holder supervised death threats against Congressman Conyers, and helped in the jailing of Conyers' wife to make the threat more vivid.

Also Eric Holder supports threats of murder against US national criminal prosecutors, to make sure they keep quiet about crimes by bribe-paying contributors. The bribery of US federal Judge Norman Moon mentioned above, is part of an international terrorist scheme operated internationally by the US Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, directed by the ultra-corrupt lawyer Joan Lukey at Ropes Gray in Boston. Lukey conducts her crimes near the offices of US Federal Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz, who recognises that Justice Dept. files on the many criminal acts involving Joan Lukey and Pearson plc, are grounds for immediate federal criminal charges. However, Ropes Gray laughs about threatening to murder Ms Ortiz just as two other female federal prosecutors were found dead after opposing the same criminal families - and Eric Holder supports terrorist the death threats against Carmen Ortiz, and has ordered her not to prosecute those crimes.

In short, then, in his attempt to extort 10 billion from France's BNP Paribas, Eric Holder is thus relying on both the network of US judges who accept bribes to follow political orders to bend their verdicts, plus warnings, blackmail and death threats for any US judge or regulator who does not co-operate. To complete the understanding of the kind of judge bribery weapons that Eric Holder is employing in his attack on BNP Paribas, the full unfortunate truth, as demonstrated by evidence files here in Europe, is given below.

Eric Holder offers to sell political criminals and murderers a US regime 'ticket' of judge bribery and guarantee of non-prosecution for any crime, regardless of how disgusting, Eric Holder even awarding to criminals an official United States Department of Justice 'letter' of favour and protection, which criminals can use to help enrol others in their criminal schemes against EU citizens and companies. The price of this criminal 'ticket' can be well into the millions, but Eric Holder is offering a great deal in exchange for that money.

Here is what Eric Holder is selling - as is well-proven by the thousands of pages of files on Eric Holder's crimes, many of them here in Europe. It is ultimately a simple system - Criminals are invited to pay millions to Bushes / Clintons and their friends, and in return, the US judges appointed by Bushes, Clintons etc will accept bribes. Much is what is described below, is concretely part of the Pearson plc bribery scheme involving Eric Holder, well-known to UK police:

For sale by Eric Holder and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ):
--- The DOJ ticket of full-service, near-unlimited criminal privilege IF you are able and willing to pay the required donations / contributions / bribes to US Presidents, Senators and Congresspeople, US federal judges, and related friends of Eric Holder as directed.
--- The ticket is accessed via bribery payments through Eric Holder's protected criminal friends at US so-called 'high-powered law firms, known to be involved in criminal attacks on EU citizens; in ongoing bribery of US federal judges; in crimes of the molesting of bodies of children; in extortion and terrorist threats to murder people; in obstruction and perversion of justice against EU governments; and in planting tens of thousands of words on the internet via Wikipedia and Google, using fake and anonymous names.
--- Some of these 'high-powered' US law firms involved in current crimes to deceive, attack and defraud EU companies and citizens, and being protected by the criminal Eric Holder, include Ropes Gray (international), WilmerHale (international), Willcox Savage (Virginia), Jimmy Morris & Morris (Virginia), Michael Rudell law firm (New York).

What criminals get when buying the Eric Holder DOJ criminal-bribery 'ticket':
--- Unlimited permission to commit any sick and disgusting crime against any victim or family without political connections, including:
----- Freedom to commit US-based fraud, extortion, confiscation of all of a victim's assets, terrorist threats to kill victims, international cyber-terror and e-mailing computer viruses, any other crime desired, even if only for personal psychopathic mentally disturbed pleasure.
----- Unlimited acts of fraud, extortion, deception, defamation, and harassment, against any EU citizen or company the bribe-payer wishes to attack or destroy.
----- Unlimited molesting and violating bodies of children, and denying any rights to families who complain.
----- Unlimited acts of racist pleasure, such as jailing a totally innocent black person or 'nigger'.
----- Unlimited anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi hate crimes, 'smart way to f-ck up some Jews', targeting vulnerable Jews not protected by Jewish leaders or Israel (e.g., Jews of Christian faith; non-Zionist Jews; dissident to USA or Israel) - including, e.g., neo-Nazi US court filings demanding book-burning of a Jews books, while banning the Jew's ability to talk about it; "Everybody loves to kick some Jew in the head when they know they can get away with it."

And in the US 'justice' and court system, criminals bribing Eric Holder's friends also receive:
--- An Eric-Holder-DOJ guarantee that all crimes connected with bribery and attacks on innocent people, will never be prosecuted, and that all DOJ files proving criminal guilt will be ignored.
--- An Eric-Holder-DOJ written letter guaranteeing there is and will never be any investigation or prosecution of crimes, which can be shared to help enrol others in criminal activity.
--- Unlimited bribery of US federal judges to destroy any victims without political connections, including these US federal judge bribery services:
----- Unlimited access and favour from the most corrupt bribe-taking judges in America, such as 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game', and bribe-taking Judge Norman Moon sending harassing e-mails to Europe from US courthouses.
----- Threats to blackmail, destroy, murder the judge if he does not co-operate with the bribery.
----- Fake US 'trials' threatening to instantly terminate the law licence of any lawyer who helps the victim.
----- Fake US 'trials' where a bribed US federal judge instantly calls the victim on the phone, telling them their freedom of speech and media contact has been terminated, enabling threats to kill that victim shortly afterwards, with no one able to hear or know the truth.
----- Fake US 'trials' where only court filings by the wealthy criminal paying the bribes are accepted, while all court filings and appeals by the victims are rejected, 'erased' from records.
----- Fake US 'trials' where the victim is threatened with murder if he dares to file an appeal.
----- Fake US 'trials' with the bribe-payer allowed to commit unlimited repeat perjury before the bribed judge, and present crazy impossible lies in US court filings, and all lies and perjury will be signed and endorsed by the bribed judge and never prosecuted by DOJ-Holder.
----- Fake US 'trials' where the bribed US judge accuses the victim of the exact crimes in which the wealthy criminal is engaged, e.g., the bribe-paying criminal and the bribed US judge are both cyber-stalking the victim with tens of thousands of words of lies on the internet, but the bribed US judge declares the victim a 'cyber-stalker' for daring to reply to the lies.
----- Fake US 'trials' where the friends of the bribed judge threaten to murder the victim, and the victim must pay extortion money to the wealthy criminal or the judge's friend, or else be jailed or murdered.
----- Fake US 'trials' against Europeans by one-way harassing e-mail, threatening to murder the EU citizen if he shows up in the US to defend himself, and threatening to destroy any US lawyer who would represent the EU victim, with the bribed US judge even acting like a lunatic and sending harassing e-mails to EU citizens living in EU Member States.

And for the total media cover-up of the crimes and bribery, criminals bribing Eric Holder's friends also receive:
----- A bribed US federal judge issuing 'court orders' to the CIA Google search engine, ordering Google to censor and erase evidence and proof of crimes, news articles and journalism about the crimes, and all websites telling the truth about it.
----- Violating international law, Illegal US 'court orders' to CIA-Google, to censor and spread lies on the EU internet, in order to benefit USA criminals committing criminal acts on EU territory, and destroy the lives and reputations of EU citizens.
----- Unlimited ability to hoax, stalk and spread lies on the internet, while the bribed US judge orders Google to ban all the victim's replies on the EU internet and around the world - As Eric Holder's friends say, "The best part of banning someone's freedom of speech is totally slandering the motherf-cker."
----- Unlimited repeat defamation and hoaxing of the victim on CIA-Wikipedia, where CIA Wikipedia chief Jimmy Wales, greatly enjoys being involved in molesting of children's bodies, threats to kill people, racist hate crimes, and helping any criminal bribing US judges.
----- Access to major media companies eager to participate in US judge bribery, who welcome bribes to fabricate lying news articles to defame the victim, including the famous New York Times, and the UK's Alan Rusbridger Guardian, both well-proven bribe-taking liars.
----- A 'US judge bribery assistance package' from David Drummond, chief of the legal department at the Google Inc monopoly search engine, and the director of Google US Judge Bribery Services. Google is the most important support in the world today for the US judge bribery complex, and Google is eagle to participate because Google trades favours with bribed US judges, in order to win advantage for Google against US and EU companies. Like Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, David Drummond of Google legal greatly enjoys being involved in molesting of children's bodies, threats to kill people, racist hate crimes, and helping any criminal bribing US judges
------- The Google US judge bribery assistance censorship and defamation package, includes continual manipulation, censoring and hoaxing of Google search results, to harm, defame and destroy EU companies and citizens, and ensuring that lies about US judge bribery victims, or journalists, are promoted and kept at the top of EU search results. Google offers deluxe website promotion, for any child molester, American terrorist, extortionist or murderer, who can show they are successfully bribing American judges. Google encourages criminals bribing judges to park tens of thousands of words of lies on Google web servers, as well as on Wikipedia, using anonymous and fake names, and Google then ensures these lies are both on top of search results and also well-duplicated to render the victim helpless to fight back against the defamation.
------- For example, in reward for its assisting Pearson plc in the bribery scheme of 3 US judges, Google received the favour of duping and defrauding British Telecom (BT) in the US courts, with BT not realising - because they 'checked on Google' - that Google Inc is actually the leading company helping US judges with their bribery crimes. As the Pearson team boasted in their defamation of me with Google's leading assistance, "... buried that Jew f-cker in so much slandering sh-t no one will ever listen to that Jew f-cker."

Before Eric Holder's criminal friends at Google Inc began illegally erasing all my EU websites, I was able to comfort thousands of US legal system victims, both in the USA and in Europe, and also receive many files on the US bribery complex. But the US judge bribery crimes involving Eric Holder that I know best, are the ones in which I am the European target and victim - and in that particular scheme, the long-running Pearson plc bribery scheme of US Presidents, Senators, and 3 US judges - most of what is described above as the Eric-Holder-offered 'ticket' of US justice and court corruption, is quite proven by the extensive documents.

As said above, Eric Holder and the criminal class which he helps to lead, are arrogant and confident of their crimes in attacking Europe, because of two key supports - their view that bribed (or intimidated) US judges make all crimes against Europe 'legal', and secondly that they have the two CIA internet monopoly companies, Google and Wikipedia, continually censoring the truth and spreading hoaxes in the EU about their criminal activity. But maintaining these two supports, involves Eric Holder and his friends conducting continually criminal and fraudulent acts against Europe, such as the Wikipedia fundraising fraud across our EU Member States.

These are crimes and monopolistic offences about which you EU national criminal prosecutors, and EU Commissioners, can begin to take prompt and effective action. And a by-product of those actions, will be stopping in its tracks Eric Holder's 10 billion extortion of BNP Paribas, and much other current and future frauds and harm to EU companies and citizens, that Eric Holder and his criminal partners would continue to perpetrate.

For all of you, I remain available to help supply the information, perspective, and thousands of pages of evidence of the crimes described above, and I ask for all of your support and protection, so that the Belgian federal prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw, does not have to act fearfully and alone in opposing the crimes of US-government-backed terrorist murderers.

Very respectfully yours,
Les Sachs
Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs, EU citizen of the Republic of Poland, in Brussels, Belgium

- Scholar of the history of law and religion, with 7 earned academic degrees from 3 universities, the first two from Harvard University, alongside many US leaders;

- Former leading global journalist on US judicial bribery and CIA media control, author of articles now 'erased' from the internet, with websites illegally blocked by CIA-Google, and continuously defamed and slandered by CIA-Wikipedia and associated extortionists, racists, and murderers working for America's top political families;

- Author, 'America's Corrupt Legal System - A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents'; Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation'; 'Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the US Crisis of Judicial Corruption';

- Former USA resident who risked being tortured to death, attempting defence of human and Constitutional rights inside the United States, facing down terrorist gangster lawyers in a US courtroom, alone because US lawyers cower in fear before bribed US judges;

- Former nationally-known US anti-corruption book author, media publisher; now a target of US threats of terrorist political murder, perhaps soon dead;

- Winner of US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award, in a long-ago, less-fascist USA, back when even America did not have the death penalty;

- Polish and EU citizen with the heritage of Jews of Warsaw uprising resistance, and Poland's Renaissance culture of tolerance; now of Asian spirituality seeing the divine in animals, nature, and the Asian pathways of dharma and the dao;

- Brussels, Belgium, photo chronicler of 'Historic Brussels' and martyrs of anti-Nazi resistance interred at the Ereperk der Gefusilleerden - Enclos des Fusillés; beneficiary of European and Belgian protection against criminal acts of the Americans.