Against the Death Penalty Aban Bernardo Tercero


Here I will show two cases:

The first case is from Bernardo Aban Tercero (photo) (Nicaraguan citizen) in USA who has been given the death penalty for alleged murder (He protests his innocence and the case is very disputed), as it comes, that was at this man at the time of the offense under 18 years (there is strong evidence) and so should not get the death penalty in the United States. This petition wants a fair investigation of this case.

and here is a blog from Bernardo Aban Tercero (in Spanish, but you can translate from Google or similar online translate services):

and the second case is in Nigeria:

It's about Moses Akatugba (in Nigeria) who was arrested on 27 November 2005 by soldiers (at the time he was 16 years old). He had allegedly stolen mobile phones and Heat set. He was taken to the barracks and even had indentifizieren a corpse, which he could not. So he was further tortured (with the pliers the nails were ripped him from the foot and fingers). Then he was forced out after three months of police custody to sign two confessions. And now he was sentenced to death on November 2013.

This is prohibited under international law!

He also has little contact with his parents and the police / soldiers who tortured him were court examined not for torture.

Akatugba just waiting on the results of his audit. He wanted to study medicine.

Amnesty has a petition started about this case:

Amnesty has a letter-writing campaign started, which you can download or you can even write a letter. Addresses are on the website.

Please take action, against this death penalties!

Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 Ortenburg, Germany