Maidan in Kiev. Maidan in Chisinau. Who comes next?

A protest rally in Chisinau under the slogan ‘Where’s the billion?’ has escalated into an indefinite protest action named ‘Moldavian Maidan’. The resemblance of Moldavian protests’ background to Georgia’s events of November 2013, the time when pro-Western and finally discredited Shevardnadze was replaced with Saakashvili, an even more pro-Western politician who hadn’t been in use yet, is visible with the naked eye. And the number of coincidences in protests’ realization points to a familiar scenario of Ukraine’s ‘Revolution of Dignity’.
The main support group of the Chisinau Maidan was (SUDDENLY) the very unindifferent Ukrainians. The instigators call upon activists to help Moldavian brothers towards the overthrow of the regime.

Ukrainian fighters of Information Front are proud of ‘passing the democratic baton’ to Moldavians.
Judging by the information from the Internet users, Western centers for strategic planning and execution of revolutions are already active in Moldova. For instance, the Centre for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), which experts have participated in engineering a dozen of revolutions in various countries.
Besides CANVAS, it looks as if the International Center for Nonviolent Conflicts (ICNC), which went through paces during revolutionary events in Burma, Palestine, Ukraine and other countries, takes part in preparation of protests in the Republic of Moldova, too.

The reaction to the message on their participation in Chisinau protests is clear evidence of Western NGOs’ interference.

Apparently, Ukrainian trolls had so little time on the task execution that it’s not enough for the preparation of a few comments. The template had to be sent out.
Here is another significant example. A just-registered user from France writes a narrative from the scene in sovereign Ukrainian mova (language). There he speaks that no Ukrainian radicals or Western European citizens are taking part in the protests.

It’s most probable that radicalization of the protests in Moldova is inevitable. Western experts in overthrowing the regime together with Ukrainian activists and militants may well inflame the protestors and make the purge of power structures’ ranks the way it was in Ukraine. In case they are supported by Romanian campaigners for the accession of Moldova who count up to a third of the protestors in Chisinau as according to the eyewitnesses, then the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ in Ukraine may appear to be a mere trifle.