Against slavery because for example of faith in Iraq and against the slave trade in Sinai!


There is an online petition against slavery in Iraq!

The latest reports are that as many as 3,000 women and children fleeing religious persecution in Iraq have been captured and may be at risk of modern slavery (e. g. from ISIS!)!

Here at walk free, a case is shown where the daughter says to her father, she was sold as a slave for $ 10!

Here would be the petition of Walk Free:
And here I want to show you the second online petition, which aims to prevent the slave trade in Sinai (online petition by Avaaz) and wants to make the government of Egypt closely the slave trade! An example case was in the ninth month pregnant woman. She gave birth in shackles, beside other terrified captives, with only rusty metal to cut the umbilical cord, and they are survived, incredibly, a ransom of $ 35,000 was requested to the woman with the her child. It was paid by their family!Here would be the link to Avaaz:

And here an online petition against the general slavery of walk free:

Please support these actions, in my opinion, slavery must in today's world no longer be!

Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 Ortenburg, Germany