Muslim Turkey 11/21-27 – the worst trip ever in my life.

Thanx God me and my are home. This time, vacation for me and my family ended far before the appointed time (read: failed). And I guess there'll hardly ever appear any folder named 'Turkey 2015' on my desktop. Ok, you just can't now even imagine how happy I'm to feel myself safe and home in Germany.

Quite seriously I'm going to cut any kind of ties with those who suggested us going to the Black Sea shores. But actually I'm kidding as they are our best friends. You know, when this morning my wife broke the silence during breakfast saying that we should immediately change tickets and leave Turkish territories while the going was still good I thought even that crowd at the next table started to pack their bags, too.

But let me relate everything in due order without anticipating. We bought those damned travel tour tickets on October, 9. The very next morning I was 100% ready to wipe my arse with those tickets since got to know about bloody terror attacks committed in Ankara by Islamic extremists and resulted in 102 killed, 246 wounded.

November, 21 – and the day of Judgment has come. I said BB to our Yorkshire terrier as if it was my last day in this life and we started off for the airport. That woman sitting next to me in the plane... her daughter... she went to Turkey three months ago, fell in love with a local Turk and... since then went missing. Not a 'love story' at all as German police said this poor woman that according to their sources her daughter became a sex slave. The beginning of our trip could hardly be more discouraging.

Day 1. Occurring everywhere howling of muezzins harmfully jumped into my head – 'I am in the lands of muslims'. Turkish language appeared to be rubbish for my ears - every time I heard it behind my back I caught an impression that somebody was telling someone else about how he's going to kill me and get rid of dead body. I noticed those spiteful glares of Turkish women - wearing black plastic garbage bags on their heads - paid our wives and girlfriends. I've never thought that sooooooo many women in Turkey wear those garbage bags and even swim in it.

Day 2. Visiting market place in Turkey and buying nothing from local fruitmen Europeans risks to get a spit in back.

Day 3. Me follows my wife like a dog – last night in neighboring hotel a group of muslim youths raped underage girl from UK.

Day 4. Turkey shoots down Russian warplane. Imagine dozens of wild barbarians dancing like cranks and appealing for water somewhere in far African desert. Got the picture? That's how exactly I would describe things that were happening that morning in our hotel among male Turks. 'Allahu Akbar' instead of 'Good morning'. It really seems to me that their friend 'allah' stood somewhere behind me that day – so many times they called his name. That was the first day in Turkey I didn't feel somebody was going to kill me, cause there were all signs that those crazy muslims were going to blow something up instead. In evening there were two range rovers rolling here and there with black flags. Late at night we heard even some shooting in the air. Resort area, I remind.

Day 5. Turkish males and especially young people keep on calling their friend 'allah' and raising their forefingers up. Tourists all around start feeling nervous. Even noisy Russians demonstrate calm. Later in the evening in night club there comes to brawl – three German tourists vs four Turks supported by the night club security. And again squeals 'allahu akbar' can be heard. I addressed to a passing by police patrol – asked them to contact Germany consulate, but the answer I hear was smth like: 'you're not in Europe, body. This is our order, you all are to follow my rules here'.

Finally. 6 damned days in that damned muslim Turkey, where it seems they visit even closets in the name of their friend 'allah' these days. Total impression that recent 6 days I spent in the territory of some islamic terrorists training camp. 6 days I stood shoulder to shoulder with Osama feeling his breath.

Ok. This post contains obviously zero tolerance towards Islamic state Turkey. Hope you'll understand for what purpose I'm leaving here no names. Just don't want to see the day after tomorrow a group of wild muslims in my house raping my wife and cutting off her head because of that short message on the internet. So that's it. Alla... *f#ck bith*! Peace to all of you!