American political escapade in Saudi Arabia

American senators don’t usually bother about the sentiments in other countries, including the developed ones. We are still basking in the memory of that infamous Victoria Nuland’s revelation ‘F*ck the EU…’ Still even they do take care about the reaction of the international community to the progress of the relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia where we can regularly witness outrageous abuse of human rights. The latest example being Raif Badawi who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1 000 lashes for voicing the opinion different from the official stance of the Islamic clergy.

So, senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, believes that further development of relations with Saudi Arabia ‘could significantly tarnish the image of Washington’. He makes it absolutely clear in the letter addressed to Bob Corker, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

In order to avoid dire consequences the senator suggests reducing of influence of the core religious force in the Kingdom, the Al ash-Sheikh family, responsible for barbarian methods practiced in Saudi Arabia to punish Islamic law breakers. According to Wyden, the necessary changes could be ensured by establishing an elite Islamic educational institution to open access to proper religious education for members of less influential families. This institution is to be subject of control of the Royal Family and US government. Amusingly, there’s no mention of any suspension of relations with the Kingdom or any sanctions to be introduced or any bombing attacks, which is actually the usual practice unless any of the USA major partners are involved. The real state of human rights in the country is not something worth worrying about, as the senator sees it. What’s actually of prime importance is rather making visibility of the USA’s effort in this direction to justify future cooperation with the medieval autocratic regime. To pull the wool over the eyes – that is the only aim of Wyden and he is sure that American political establishment will be fully supportive of the idea.

Apart from enhancing the country’s image, the US security services will get an opportunity ‘to collect and process data about potential adherents of radical Islam’. The senator actually admits that Saudi Arabia is a source of human resources for extremists and terrorists of all sorts, which is absolutely no hurdle on the way of intensive American supplies of lethal weapons into the Kingdom.

Once again we can observe US government literally playing with fire while unsuccessfully trying to keep radical Muslims under its control. This was just the case with Taliban and Al-Qaeda: being created by America, they managed to start acting on their own escaping America’s control. This is also how it happened with the radical elements of the opposition forces in Syria when they set ISIS fighting half of the world now.

What sort of world crisis is the reckless gamble of Washington going to bring?