Video: Beppe Grillo about the money system

Video: Beppe Grillo about the money system 

Originally uploaded and translated to English by /user/d574. I only put both parts together and added German subtitles. All other credit to d574. Please share.
Our media calls Beppe Grillo a clown or a maniac. This view is very prejudiced. Grillo gives the Italians hope. He is supported by nobel price winners and professors. Grillo wants a better democracy. With more participation. Not less.

Incredible Video: Beppe Grillo Dissects the Financial System... on 1998

<em>“Whom does the money belong to?  Who does its ownership belong to?  To the State fine…then to us, we are the State. You know that the State doesn’t exist, it is only a legal entity.  WE are the state, then the money is ours…fine.  Then let me know one thing. If the money belongs to us…Why…do they lend it to us??”</em>

<em>- Beppe Grillo in 1998</em>