The most misunderstood asset in the world

Just over a century ago, the British art critic John Ruskin told the story of a merchant who went on a long sea journey.

With him he carried his life savings in the form of a large bag of gold coins.

Suddenly a terrible storm came up.

The alarm went out to abandon ship.

The man strapped the bag around his waist, hurried out on deck, jumped overboard – and promptly sank without a trace.

As the man disappeared beneath the waves, Ruskin posed a question:

“Now, as he was sinking, did he have the gold? Or did the gold have him?”

Few assets are more misunderstood than gold.

Its rarity is matched only by the human and environmental costs associated with its extraction from the bowels of the earth.

Central bankers quietly amass it, even as they publicly denounce it.

It is widely regarded as redundant, what Keynes called “a barbarous relic”, in a world of electronic money. In this month’s letter my aim is to try and answer, definitively, two crucial questions.

Why own gold at all? And more urgently, why own gold now?


The excerpt above was written by a famed wealth manager, Tim Price, in the most recent issue of Price Value International (PVI), which we sent to PVI members today.

Gold is one of the most misunderstood assets in the world.

Some people feel that gold is the only “investment” you’ll ever need to make.

Others hear Warren Buffet criticize gold and swear it off for good.

So what is the answer?

In the most recent issue of PVI, Tim debunks all the misinformation out there, and answers important questions, such as:

  • How much of your portfolio should be in gold?
  • What specific gold stocks should you invest in?
  • Should you own the physical metal or another form?
  • What about silver?
  • What about gold that’s held in a fund?
  • Is investing in a gold producing company a good idea?

Now, I really understand and value gold…

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