Smog In Beijing - pictures

Smog In Beijing - pictures

China’s air pollution has been bad lately. Really, really bad. We’ve posted photos of it before, but the above shot really drives home how severe this has gotten.

Both photos were taken in Beijing by Bill Bishop, who runs an excellent all-things-China e-mail newsletter called Sinocism (go subscribe). The photo on the left shows his view on a clear day. That tall building is the mammoth China World Trade Center Tower III.

On the right is a photo of the same view, taken late on Wednesday, U.S. East Coast time, or about 8 a.m. Beijing time. The 81-story skyscraper is all but invisible, shrouded by a layer of pollution so dense that even close-up objects are a blur.

At left, a view of downtown Beijing on a clear day. At right, the same view on Wednesday night, U.S. east coast time. (Photo by Bill Bishop)

Beijing March 6th - until March 14th
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Source: Reuters