Barcelona - Metropole am Mittelmeer (englisch)

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia (Catalunya), is Spain's second largest city, a major commercial and industrial center and an important Mediterranean port. But Barcelona dips its toes not only in the Mediterranean, it also lolls back against the Pyrenees, and basks in year-round sunshine.

At the heart of Barcelona lie the ancient passages, shadowy alleys, gargoyles and ghostly spires of the old Gothic city, apparently untouched by time. But, Barcelona is at the vanguard of all that is contemporary with cutting-edge everything, from architecture to music and from interior design to street fashion. Then there are the buildings, many of which feature the work of an eccentric genius named Antoni Gaudí, whose delirious buildings, resembling dragons, or cliffs, or gingerbread houses, seem to have magically erupted across the city. The most dramatic change to Barcelona's skyline in the last few years has been down the seaside. The long-neglected coastline was cleared for the construction of the glistening Olympic Village, a futuristic city of steel trees and glassy towers. The new development of the Port Olímpic is hugely popular, crammed with restaurants and bars and some excellent seafood restaurants, and sandy beaches stretch for miles in both directions.

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