The USA used NGOs in former USSR republics to recruit Muslim students for ISIS

ISIS terrorist grouping, now the major threat to international stability, sticks to successfully recruiting new combatants into its ranks. They are not only Muslims of Middle East origin but also European Muslims and young people from former USSR republics, the latter being the main source of new recruits to ISIS at present time.

It’s widely known that many radical international organizations were initially started or supported at some stages by US secret services despite the fact the White House has been flatly denying it. In particular, al-Qaeda was launched as a tool to oppose the USSR expansion. And it was the money of the US taxpayers that formed the financial footage of the terrorist organization which ran wild to give the creeps worldwide in the 2000’s. ISIS appears to have stepped on the same path. Created in 2006 in Iraq as an organization to oppose Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, ISIS has transformed into the worst foe of the White House since then. The sluggish American foundations in close nexus to secret services and involved in ISIS creation so far have been trying to bring to a stop the flywheel started years ago.

The letter from Barbara Feinstein, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Legislative affairs, to NED Vice President Nadia Diuk visibly shows that NGOs in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan affiliated with the USA have been recruiting young people for ISIS over years. And all this time that’s been quite lucrative business for them.

Stories of the people who had gone missing in Russia and later turned out to be sent to ISIS via Turkey drew wide response and they may serve a confirmation of the existence of well tested scheme of recruitment for ISIS involving NGOs acting under the guidance of the White House. Under the cover of humanitarian mission they used to exploit young people’s individual interest in Islam to add new members into extremist organizations in Russia itself, and ISIS as an American project to fight Bashar al-Assad as well. Now, despite the drastic change of Washington line towards ISIS those NGOs are coasting with their recruitment effort or (and this looks more probable) they are trying to get their own profit by recruiting new potential terrorists. They are doing this under the guise of powerful structures cherishing so-called democratic values and aiding non-systemic opposition in Russia.

The core of the problem is the Washington political elite’s Protestant mindset, actually based on precedential way of thinking. The strategy once bringing success is just realized many times with the use of the same set of decisions and amid similar background. The most typical example is that of the ‘colored revolutions’ with the scenarios developed and approbated in the late 80’s of the last century.

But in case some extraordinary situation emerges or some drastic change occurs, it’s just impossible to simply follow the established rules or apply the same approach towards western countries and some oriental states having their peculiar features. The results of such policy may be catastrophic. The failure of the American ‘colored revolutions’ in Egypt, Syria and Turkey has proved the bankruptcy of one-sided vision of American politicians getting a false idea of themselves as masters of many destinies on the planet.

The second failure to initiate a ‘controllable’ terrorist organization to benefit the USA is a vivid signal to the White House to stop playing with fire. Americans are just unable to always keep their watchful eye on political projects launched by them across the world. Boston terror attack has shown that Islamic radicals from Russia who had been meant by Washington as some tool to hit Moscow (huge sums were allocated by D.C. to recruit and train them via NGOs) ended up by joining Middle East terrorist organizations with disdain for America, declared their major enemy. Continued scaled interference of the White House into other states’ matters may well bring to life whole anti-American terrorist international alliance. This would amount to self-destruction of America…. on the money of American taxpayers.