Action against the any time execution of Mr Russell Bucklew!


Here I want to show again the broken death penalty of Mr Russell Bucklew, but that could be performed at any time again Here is an excerpt from the "nytimes" (full story link "nytimes"

"The United States Supreme Court indefinitely halted the execution of a Missouri man on Wednesday and sent his case back to a federal appellate court to hear his appeal.

The decision to stay the death sentence of the man, Russell Bucklew, 46, who argued that he would suffer great pain if he were killed by a lethal injection because of his rare vascular disease and objected to the drugs that would be used, could indicate a growing cautiousness among the justices in the wake of recent executions that went awry. It was a departure from the court’s usual refusal to stop executions at the last minute in cases where such objections were raised."

I personally think the death penalty should not by the State and who are always performed. It should be a life sentence in jail, what I have read of deeds of him. The death penalty is just wrong, because it is not a bit better, as the murderer himself! According to a statement of Russell Bucklew regretting his crime acts also.

There is also a page of Amnesty International, where you can write your own appeals (per tweet, contact the Gouverners, phone) can against this execution:

This appeal opportunities to Governor Jay Nixon : Twitter:

or contact formular to Governor Jay Nixon:

or telephone of Governor Jay Nixon:

(USA- 001) 571-751-3222

Please take action against the death penalty!

Patrick Steinhuber - 94496 Ortenburg - Germany