With report of "Spiegel" and "FAZ" from Willie Tyrone: Action against the death penalties (both in Texas) of Willie Tyrone Trottie (he should be excuted on 10. Spetember, next week!) and Lisa Ann Cole


This time I want to show two cases (both in Texas) that could be done on 10 and 17 September 2014!:
The first case is about Willie Tyrone Trottie (photo with his son) in Texas (prisoner number #999085), he scheduled for execution September 10 this year!

Here are reports of "FAZ" and "Spiegel", where Mrs. Uhl (From Germany) is mentioned, which she care about him and made this: http://todesstrafe-nachrichten.jimdo.com/aktiv-be-current-petitions-and-briefaktionen/ :



Here is a letter from him pulish by gawker.com:


Here is the wordpressblog from Willie Tyrone Trotti:


You can write appeals against this death sentence! (Adresses below!)

And Lisa Ann Coleman in Texas (prisoner number #999511), the death sentence should be on 17 September 2014 , she should allegedly debt for a childrenn death, here is the text from petition of change.org:

Lisa Ann Coleman of Texas was unjustly sentenced to death June 22 2006 for the 2004 death of a 9 year old boy; Davontae Williams. This little boy was the son of her friend ; Marcela Williams, with whom she partially lived with. at her place. Partially because she shifted from her mother's home and Ms Williams' , it is mistake to say the boy was found in Lisa's home, when in fact this is not true. The Prosecutors found this case to be a capital case and that the death penalty was warranted for. Davontae died a terrible death of starvation and physical abuse, and we are not seeking to minimize this and it is the fact.

Here is the Link to the onlinepetition from change.org for Lisa Ann Coleman !:


Please write the appeals after and inmate number! Willie Tyrone # 999085 and # 999511 Lisa Ann Coleman) :

There is a website where you could write to the Supreme Court here at Willie Tyrone Trottie

and for Lisa Ann Coleman write:


and in both cases I have the contact address for the Supreme Court of Texas:


I have found a website for both cases found, can be written the appeals to the governmentwebsite of Texas:

http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/ - (here you can use the contact formular with differnt telephone numbers to the office to governor of Texas Rick Perry)

and here the fax number of the governor office!:

(001) 512 463-1849

And a E-mail address!:


Please take action against the death penalty , then deahtpenalty is no way! If I may cite the Bible of Jesus: He who is without sin cast the first stone!"
Patrick Steinhuber