Ewart Wikkse

About migrants, integration and... sterilization

The refugee crisis keeps staying a critical issue with many Europeans. The article on the Soros resource page gives meat for more thoughts over the effectiveness of the integration projects that are being upgraded at the expense of the EU citizens.

The Paris suburbs are habitually set on fire due to migrants prone to go batty at any suitable pretext. Many Swedes from Malmö are feeling their own city is just occupied. And in Germany the migrant standards are getting tougher with each passing year. This story with the "blunt refugees" fearful of the forceful sterilization may look ridiculous. But it resembles a provocation rather and this provocation we owe to German authorities, for that new integration course rejected so ardently by refugees was introduced exactly by them. The German language is delivered to poor migrants in such a way that they see the lessons on their behavior in the German society as sort of religious insult and threat to their reproductive performance. Now, fancy the threat is real........ Then it makes things much worse, the European Court of Human Rights in the air. It's no wonder that human rights advocates have already got interested. Strangely enough, the article has been deleted from the page.