Joe Hashever

All is fair in politics

Or how Muslims are exploiting migration crisis to seize on power.

(This article has just appeared here. It seemed curious to me, so that I took the trouble to make translation of it)

We all know rather well that at times of crisis there are really big opportunities for especially inventive people who never bother to swing the lead for sake of meeting their own ends. It seems to be right the case with the secretary general of the Central council of German Muslims Aiman Mazyek. The man has evidently made up his decision to join this sort of ‘successful’ citizens when he sent the letter to chancellor Merkel offering her the ‘revolutionary move’ able, as he believes, to settle the problem of migrants.


Dear Mr. Minister

We are highly appreciative of the huge piece of work that Madam Chancellor, the Government of Germany and You personally have done to build truly democratic, tolerant and multicultural society in Germany. The Muslims of our great country are being active participants in the process of creating the future of Germany along with the representatives of other confessions. We are set to do our best so that this future would be really glorious.

Unfortunately, the problem with migrants from Libya and Syria entails complications in inter-confessional and inter-cultural relations between the communities. The conduct of refugees brought up in a totally different cultural matrix casts a shadow upon many loyal and long ago integrated Muslims of Germany. Rising mutual animosity in the society threatens to destroy the sprouts of unity being the sole guarantee of our future wealth.

Amid this sophisticated and highly explosive situation we see only one way out. The German society should be presented with the picture of the successful coexistence. The best way to put this plan into reality would be incorporation of the leaders of local Muslim communities into the old political parties enjoying deserved respect of the German electors. During September elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there are good chances of gaining success and adding Muslim voices to the ones of traditional supporters of those candidates who represent new social and political reality of Germany. The ardent critics of the migration policy of Merkel will have no weighty arguments anymore. Once the forceful integration of migrants into the civilizational European paradigm is initiated not only by the Christian representatives but members of the respected Islamic organizations of Germany as well, many questions to the government will just vanish on their own.

Quite predictably, such an original and, to some extent, revolutionary move will seem unacceptable initially for many politicians voicing their support of the integration processes and multiculturalism but in real life steeped in prejudice. That’s why we rely so strongly on the huge weight of Madam Chancellor who has proved by her personal example that some things thought improbable previously may well become probable with time passing.

Secretary General of

Central Council of Muslims

in Germany

Aiman Mazyek

Mr. Mazyek is sure that if Chancellor Merkel employs her authority to support the leaders of the Muslim communities during the upcoming elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region, this will attract thousands of Muslim voters and deprive the migration policy critics of their weighty arguments.

Mr. Mazyek seems to stay unaware that he’s actually calling the Chancellor to exert direct pressure on the process of the democratic elections and actually undermine her reputation both with the Germans and most Europeans. And he’s sure that the crucial point has arrived to step on the path he offers as the lesser of the two evils. He also thinks that Merkel is ready to make some sacrifices to preserve the illusion of her devotedness to multicultural line.