Anonymous Operations: A press release #OpISIS

Who is Anonymous?

Anonymous is a leaderless collective, nothing more than an internet gathering. Once a majority

of us agrees on a certain topic, we put our collective effort in operations. Where Anonymous

doesn't have leaders, operations are always carefully coordinated by its operatives. We have

been using this unique concept for over 5 years now, and we are constantly improving through

trial and error.

What is Operation ISIS?

Anonymous has been waging Operation ISIS for more than a year now, but due to its recent

surge in activity, we feel the need to clarify our views and communicate our message to the

media. This operation is the result of multiple key players working to disrupt recruitment of the

terrorist organization ISIS.

The key players

Ghost Security Group:

Ghost Security is an Anonymous spinoff dedicated to gathering intelligence and taking down

terrorist social media accounts. Their involvement with the government is frowned upon by many

of our supporters but their efforts seem the most coordinated.

AnonOps IRC:

(channel #OpParis)

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Anonymous supporters on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

network AnonOps gathered to verify and fact-check all the information on news articles about

ISIS, after the facts were gathered they acted as independent journalists on social media. Their

efforts now also include gathering information on terrorists, as well as taking down recruitment

websites and social media profiles.


With intelligence gathered on Syria and multiple governments over the years, you can dive into

the archives of WikiLeaks to unravel the political games which led to the formation of ISIS and

the involvement of the western world.


With its 1.5 million followers, YourAnonNews is doing its best to verify sources and fact-check

information, as a result this twitter account will give you some of the best news when it comes to

Anonymous and AnonOps