The Washington regime of war criminals agenda is never ending war of terrorism. Check!

Well stated remarks 'wc'

Given the endemic and crippling problem of this and this as still unresolved because the American people don't even care if they have the truth with a press that is all too willing to shovel more of the same in the gaping beaks of the "hatchlings" for money knowing it their only pupose is to read from a script they are presented sums up where we're headed.

FYI on the "High Rise Building Safety Inititive" ...

It went to the District Court again in Manhattan just as they did in 2009 to keep it from the ballot 5 years ago. The petition signatures were called into question but ask yourself after you read the pdf on the verdict how they legitimately reached that decision of "why" and "how" the signatures were determined "invalid"?...

Keep in mind this is about building safety based on the court(s) earlier decision that WTC 7's collapse occurred due to "structural failure caused bu it's pre-existing design and materials.

If this is the case. How could an initiative of such great importance especially to all those people who live and work in a city with that many high rises not be brought to the attention of the voting public and that existing building code(s) may in fact need to be re-written because they jeopardize our safety?

Needless to say even the spokesperson for the NYCCAN has explaining to do with the statements he made at the conclusion of the courts finding on the second petition his organization has been involved in in less than 6 years! He accepts the court's decision and willl shoot for 2016???!!!

Either he's incompetent or he's on Larry Silverstein's payroll!

To my argument prior to your's. The Big 3 will have to tell the rest of the World the truth regarding false flags on their own borders like the coups and the aftermath of MH-17... One has to wonder how our lives would all be different if Russia India and China had demanded an investigation through the UN security council into the collapse of three towers in lower Manhattan on 9/11 wouldn't have changed our fortunes consideraly keeping the U.S. government honest before declaring all those shameless wars in the Middle East?