George Umber

Clinton fits on the Roosevelt's wheelchair?

Grotesqueness of the recent presidential race has been increasing exponentially. Besides that the acting U.S. president has been pushing forward the wife of the former U.S. president as his successor (just imagine that Bill Clinton would start promoting Nancy Reagan in 2001). But also discussions of her health state have gone viral on the web.

They recall Clinton's fainting spell 'after the flu' in December 2012 and the subsequent six months treatment, they rehush that photo from February 2016, when she was conquering stairs with the security holding her up between them, her constant coughing, pathological lies (her claim of 'landing under sniper fire' in Bosnia, etc), her "inadequate" reactions (on Gaddafi's death, for instance) and numerous "seizures". There are also mentioned such diagnosis as a traumatic brain injury, a blood clot formed in a large vein behind her right ear, between the brain and the skull, and even brain cancer.

For some reason everyone forgets that this woman is not only a compulsive liar, but an actress, as any politician of her experience would be.

It is a piece of cake to imitate pre-stroke face drooping:

or unnatural grin of the post-stroke person:

or to play unequal excitement.

or to act a seizure for the camera, if you've got a good facial mobility and a professional PR-team. However, persons suffering from epilepsy claim that Clinton's a bit overacting.

Meanwhile, oddly enough, but this situation is of the most benefit for... Hillary herself. Her rivals have relaxed. There is growth euphoria in the Donald Trump's camp. They've been counting their chickens before they hatch, incidentally wondering, why Crooked Hillary's most prominent opponent wouldn't use such a convenient "deadly issue" during debate. Those Trump's Republican antagonists have been ready to vote for an invalid woman, making America even more tolerant and stopping that billionaire upstart they hate so much. At the same time Bernie Sanders's supporters have in advance sat Clinton down into the wheelchair and have been dreaming their nominee enters the White House as a vice-president right after the lady vegetable and becomes a head of the country in spite his loss.

Therefore, gentlemen, we've got a well-played charade. Millions of Americans are about to become victims of it. Firstly, there is no guarantee that exactly Bernie would become the vice-president. It is more like Slick Willie would return to us. By the way he's been the first source of that gossip about his wife's health problems . I think Hillary would cope fine all ethical challenges, as she's used to.

Secondly, all questions concerned constant lies and sudden dramatic swings in her political views to opposite ones. At the same time Clinton escapes justice in Bengazi and e-mail scandals. Really, who would sue a disabled person? Finally, she wouldn't be the first America president in a wheelchair. Given some good PR, Hillary would associate in minds of the honest U.S. citizens with her greater predecessors instead of the bloodshed at Middle East or numerous corruption scandals. Too bad, she won't become new FDR.