DC Lottery: No Winning Tickets Will Be Cashed Until Further Notice

Government Shutdown

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Agnes Moss Friday, October 11, 2013 agnes.moss@dc.gov

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Washington, D.C. – The District of Columbia Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board has released a series of frequently asked questions and answers for the news media and the general public on lottery operations impacted by the current federal government shutdown.

Effective Saturday, October 12, 2013: Due to the federal government shutdown, the DC Lottery has suspended the redemption of winning DC Lottery tickets until further notice.

Question: Will D C Lottery players be able to purchase tickets during the federal government shutdown?
Answer: Yes. DC Lottery retailers will continue to sell DC Lottery tickets during the remainder of the federal government shutdown.

Question: If I have a winning ticket during the federal government shutdown, will I be able to cash it?
Answer: Not immediately. The DC Lottery has suspended the cashing of winning tickets until the federal government shutdown is resolved. As a result, players will not be able to immediately redeem winning tickets. ALL WINNING DC LOTTERY TICKETS WILL BE HONORED UPON THE CONCLUSION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

Question: If retailers are selling tickets, why can’t they cash tickets during the federal government shutdown period?
Answer: The answer is complex. Without a federal appropriation of its fiscal year 2014 budget, the DC Lottery is temporarily unable to honor winning tickets. As a result, all prize payments are suspended until further notice; however, all DC Lottery winning tickets will be honored upon the resolution of the federal government shutdown.

Question: If I can’t cash my winning ticket, what should I do with it? Answer:Signitandholdontoit. Aswithallwinningtickets,youshouldfirstsignthebackofit and store it in a safe place. Once the DC Lottery resumes normal business operations, you may redeem your winning ticket at any DC Lottery retailer or at the DC Lottery Claim Center.

Question: Since the DC Lottery will not cash tickets, will drawings still occur?
Answer: Yes. The DC Lottery is committed to scheduled draws because tickets are still available for sale.

Question: How can I find winning numbers reports to determine if I have a winning ticket? Answer: Various ways. All winning numbers will be reported as usual via the DC Lottery website and through Player’s Club membership text messages and social media alerts. In addition, the winning numbers drawing can be viewed on NewsChannel8 twice daily. Listed below are the venues and times for which you will be able to view or read the most recent winning numbers:

1.) The DC Lottery Website
2.) NewsChannel8
3.) WMMJ Radio
4.) The DC Lottery Lot Line 202- 678-3333

24 Hours a Day 2:15pm and 8:15 pm 2:20 pm and 8:20 pm 24 Hours a Day

Question: How soon will I know when the DC Lottery resumes cashing winning tickets? Answer: As soon as possible. The DC Lottery will resume cashing tickets upon the end of the federal government shutdown. The DC Lottery will notify its players, retailers, and media that full operations have resumed. For updated information, visit the DC Lottery’s website at www.dclottery.com or call (202) 645-8000.