Joe Hashever

Does the “madness” of George III ring a bell?

Every day when surfing the Inet for some amazing pictures abundant in various groups of social networks, blogs, image hosting services, and other resources I always come across some number of screenshots of the documents emerging on the web due to numerous “leaks”. At first, it looked somewhat irrelevant and even shocking for me. But such things turned out to be quite a normal practice after the formal release of some details of The United Kingdom – United States of America Signals Intelligence Agreement (UKUSA SIGINT), and Edward Snowden’s revelations as well.

Say, former head of the Swiss Federal Department of Defense Maurer formally states the fact of interception of the confidential messages involving the British Royal Family and points at the American partners as the ones able to give more details in the context.

524702 Being friendly American way. The USA was spying on the British Royal Family

I’m sure that the “Five Eyes” are always well aware of the phone conversations of every more or less noticeable European politician. Thus, the mysterious reason after the exclusively tough information security precautions around the private talks of the Royal Family members with the rather prominent pediatrician actually evokes many questions and looks rather interesting indeed. This special secrecy gives far more food for creating umpteen theories around it rather than the very fact of breaking it by foreign intelligence agencies.

What kind of a top-secret affair can actually get together the British Royal Family and a highly experienced doctor whose domain is neonatology, child resuscitation, and cardiothoracic surgery? Can it relate the recent birth of the two potential heirs to the British throne?

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Hopefully, the above mentioned phone conversations have probably nothing to deal with the proneness of the British Royal Family members to genetic disorders due to close blood marriages.