Thailand, der Norden (englisch)

Northern Thailand is the place to go for trekking, visiting hill tribes, soaking in culture (numerous temples and ruins), catching a glimpse into Myanmar and Laos (at the infamous Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet and from where much of the world's opium originates), white water rafting and so on - the possibilities of activities are numerous and offer something for everybody. Moreover, the climate is more bearable than down in Bangkok.

We started from Bangkok by bus to Sukhothai to take in some historic temples, later we headed south-west to the border town Mae Sot, amid a zone of Karen and Burmese influence. From there we travelled up-north along the Thai-Burmese border via Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son, probably one of the most picturesque towns in Thailand. The next bus trip led us through the misty mountains via Pai to Chiang Rai, the "little sister" of Chiang Mai. There we spent some great days and did a day trip to the northern tip of Thailand and the Golden Triangle. Before we headed back to Bangkok, we stopped in Chiang Mai with its 300 (!) temples. Our tour through the fascinating north was over… and here are my pictures :-) Hope you like them!

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