Generation Smartphone: The Day Einstein Feared Has Arrived

Read below excerpt from discussion on application of intelligibility criterion to detect scientific fraud in context of works of Einstein. Some Kant would help to read it.

A Note on Struggle between Faith in Science and Inteligibility of Science:

Do we really understand world better through modern science or we engineer world better through modern science? The central question of this post is question of intelligibility of our scientific worldview and whether it matters or not. And if holding unintelligible views amounts to spiritualism, religion, propaganda fraud, but not science.

The poster boy for intelligibility debate was A. Einstein. While in academics, after work of Maxwell (theory) of EM waves, only some remnants left of intelligibility requirements imposed by Descartes or its cultivation. Amateur Einstein in his patent office, free of institutional chains but drawing heavily on works of Lorentz, Poincare and Michelson, indulged himself into pure speculation producing most unintelligible theory to date, Theory of Special relativity which declares time an illusion, four dimensional space, speed of light in vacuum a universal constant, equivalence of energy and mass and ether dead.

It sounded like step in right direction, towards freeing us from chains of transcendental knowledge into new mindset. But his General Theory of Relativity (GTR) was utter disappointment. Instead of getting rid of space itself, giving us first peek into possible “objective reality”, he simply did a mind job, constructing completely unintelligible but all conservatively transcendental, non-linear space, based of guess of cosmological constant K (Lambda), replacing occult gravity force, in rush for Prussian Academy of Sciences presentation disrupted by preps to WWI. Now it was Newton time to turbine in his grave when yet completely unproven, erroneous in its original form for static universe, and totally unintelligible Einstein theory swept as tornado through headlines of daily newspapers all over the world while scientific literature repudiated it.

Let’s see what he did. In his universal theory of gravity (GTR) he left nature of gravity as before, undefined like occult forces of alchemists in middle ages. Proved transcendental nature of his theory, by folding it into Newton theory within classical range while fixing it in some outside range of parameter space. Hence, what we saw was just better description of space itself but unfortunately based on the same concepts, perceptions and sensations within transcendental limitation of our mind.

Einstein himself later practically abandoned his theories, similarly to Newton, due to fact that he could not comprehend that whole universe actually works according to arbitrary cosmological constant K (Lambda) that he himself as a mortal, made up. Spent decades trying to get rid of K (Lambda) but failed and instead, immersed himself in political and social life in which he though he could do some good for a change. But to no avail.