Europe to Lukashenko: no, no, and YES

OSCE. International Election Observation Mission. Republic of Belarus – Presidential Election, 11 October 2015 :

The 11 October election once again indicated that Belarus still has a considerable way to go in meeting its OSCE commitments for democratic elections. Some specific improvements and a welcoming attitude were noted.

OSCE. International Election Observation Mission. Republic of Belarus – Parliamentary Elections, 11 September 2016 :

The 11 September parliamentary elections were efficiently organized but, despite some first steps by the authorities, a number of long-standing systemic shortcomings remain.

Those people, calling themselves international observers, who are they? Who and how much pays them for their poor work? Whose interests do they represent? And finally, what's the point of their reports – those Xerox copies, re-titled and resubmitted annually?

Today having an access to the Internet and using it thousands and thousands kilometers away from Minsk anyone can easily get twice more information about the parliamentary elections in Belarus than the OSCE provides.

For instance, surfing and scrolling around the web in search of fresh pranks you will find that during the election day in Belarus any bored prankster could make a call to the polling station and influence the counting of votes and its final division on September 11! 

Not even a word about it in the official OSCE report! Not funny but sad. Can you just imagine how intimidated the people in Belarus are that they are indiscriminately ready to carry out unquestioningly any instructions coming even allegedly from the top?

Once again the OSCE has gone wrong. The mission made it clear: Europe has little interest in Belarus as a country, a nation, and a people... the game is about business ventures, about markets and about geopolitics. Again we can see that in return for Lukashenko's eurointegration politicians in Brussels are ready to turn a blind eye to flagrant violations of democratic rights and freedoms in Belarus.