Uncensored Post: Fluoride talks dates and venues correction and important health freedom updates

Coming up in this special Health Freedom email newsletter:
1) Professor Paul Connett lectures on fluoride coming up in July in NZ; important date and venue correction
2) NZ Natural Health Products bill update and call to action
3) Australian No Jab No Pay resistance update
4) Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Conspiracy

1) Professor Paul Connett lectures on fluoride coming up in July; important date and venue correction
If you have had a chance to read issue 44 of Uncensored (on sale now in NZ and Australia), you may have noticed an advertisement placed by Fluoride Free NZ (www.fluoridefree.org.nz) an organisation that has been working hard to end water fluoridation in NZ.

There have been some unavoidable changes to venues and dates for some of Professor Connett’s lectures.

The full (correct) programme may be found at this link http://fluoridefree.org.nz/prof-paul-connett-speaking-tour-2016/
 - and the venues and times are also listed at the end of this email newsletter.)

The first talk is in Auckland on July 2, so please diary date this now!
Building public knowledge about the risks of water fluoridation is crucial given that the NZ government has a plan which would effectively impose mandatory fluoridation upon everyone New Zealander who relies on a public water supply – even in parts of NZ that have never previously been fluoridated.   (Details of the government’s plan may be read at this link: http://fluoridefree.org.nz/mandatory-nationwide-fluoridation-stealth/ )
If you can help Fluoride Free NZ in any way this would be greatly appreciated:
For example, by doing any of the following:

2) NZ Natural Health Products bill update and call to action
The Natural Health Products bill could go to its third and final reading in the NZ Parliament any day.  If this bill passes, it could reduce the availability of nutritional supplements and herbs in NZ as well as push up prices. 

There is a lot of information about this bill at this link http://www.naturalmedicine.net.nz/category/health-freedom-reports/
You can view a video intended for MPs at this link:  http://www.naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/see-dr-guy-hatchards-video-mps-natural-health-products-bill/

You can sign an online petition against the bill via this link: http://www.naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/new-petition-natural-health-products-bill-2/
 If you would like to politely email your MP (or government MPs in general) and ask them to vote against the bill, there is information to help you do this at this link http://www.naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/natural-health-products-bill-important-update/ and links to MPs email addresses at this link: http://www.naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/if-you-havent-written-to-mps-on-the-health-freedom-issue-it-isnt-too-late/

3) No Jab No Pay resistance update
The Australian government ran roughshod over the democratic process last year and passed the No Jab No Pay legislation despite more than 90% of submission received about the bill being against it. The bill financially penalises families where children are either unvaccinated or where the children are considered to be under-vaccinated. Parents who do not toe the government line on vaccinations face the loss of up to $15,000 per child per year in childcare subsidies and a family tax credit.
However, Australian parents are fighting back against the proposal and fundraising for a legal challenge to this bill.
Details about the No Jab No Pay legislation may be accessed through this link https://avn.org.au/no-choice-no-way/ of the website of the Australian-Vaccination Skeptics’ Network (AVN) – an organisation that supports parental choice.
If you would like to contribute to the fund for the legal challenge, the link is here: https://avn.org.au/sponsor-avn/
4) Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Conspiracy

How can parents make an informed decision about a vaccine for their child if information about serious adverse effects is being covered up by an institution that is supposed to be responsible for ensuring public health?  Obviously it's impossible if the risks are being withheld rather than disclosed.
That’s why truthful disclosure of vaccine risks is so crucial and why the new film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe is so important.

This film details how scientists at the United States Centers for Disease Control covered up an MMR vaccine-autism link.

Vaxxed  is still not available online for legal streaming but there is a good chance for the film to come to cinemas in NZ and Australia if it can gain a big enough audience.

If you would like to see the film in NZ or Australia please show your support by visiting the Facebook page set up by the film’s distributor: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1198002033544520/

More information about the film may be found at the website: http://vaxxedthemovie.com/

If you would like to help with the film in any other way, there are suggestions at this link of the site.
If you are a supporter of freedom of choice regarding vaccination, please remember that there are many people who would like vaccination to be compulsory.  While in some cases, these are people who have a financial stake in the vaccination industry, many ordinary people (who are generally otherwise kind and reasonable) would support compulsory vaccination because they believe that vaccines are safe. 
Helping to promote films such as Vaxxed that show that vaccines have serious risks is an important part of opposing the push by the vaccination industry to use coercion and/or compulsion to increase the market for their products.

NB:  You can learn more about Vaxxed in issue 44 of Uncensored.

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Professor Paul Connett’s talk schedule

Public Talks – $5 entry fee, email info@fluoridefree.org.nz for tickets or pay at door

Saturday 2nd July, 6pm – 8pm, Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 487 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland

Sunday 3rd July, 2pm – 4pm, Citizens Club. 13th Avenue and Cameron Road corner, Tauranga

Tuesday 5th July, 7 – 9pm Petone.Central School Hall, Britannia Street, Petone

Friday 8th of July, 7pm – 9pm, Wesley Centre, 3 Henry Street, Blenheim

Sunday 10th July, 3pm – 5pm Masonic Lodge, 107 Nile Street, Nelson

Tuesday 12th July, 1.30pm, Grey Power Meeting, RSA Poppy Lounge, Wai-iti Road, Timaru

Tuesday 12th July, 7pm – 9pm RSA, Wai-iti Road, Timaru

Thursday 14th July, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, Addington Events Centre, 75 Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch

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