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Hong Kong

Lying at the southeastern tip of China, Hong Kong adjoins the province of Guangdong (Canton), and is just south of the tropic of Cancer. The total land area of Hong Kong is 1,078 square kilometers, comprising Hong Kong Island (77.5 square kilometers); Kowloon (45.5 square kilometer); and the New Territories, including 235 outlying islands (955 square kilometers).
Today Hong Kong has become a great international trading post, a powerful manufacturing base and one of the world's largest financial centres.

Population and Language
The population as of 2002 was about 7.5 millions, almost 95 per cent of which is Chinese. Chinese and English are the official languages. Cantonese is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect, though Mandarin, Shanghainese and other Chinese dialects are also spoken. Many people, especially in shops, hotels, and service industries, speak English.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate:

Spring (March - mid-May): Temperature and humidity rising. Jackets or sweaters suggested. Average temperature: 23°C (73°F), humidity around 82%, sea temperature, 22.3° C (72° F)
(late May - mid-September): Hot and humid. Temperature may rise to 33°C (91 °F) with humidity up to around 90%. . Shirtsleeves, cotton clothing, a sweater for indoors and an umbrella for outside suggested Average temperature: 28°C (82°F), humidity 80%, sea temperature 28°C (82°F).
(late September - early December): temperature and humidity drop. Clear sunny days. Shirtsleeves to sweaters and light jackets suggested. Average temperature: 23°C (73°F), humidity 72%, sea temperature 17°C (63°F).
(late December- February): Cool with low humidity. Suits, light woollens and sometimes overcoats suggested. Average temperature: 17°C (62°F), humidity 72%, sea temperature 17°C (63°F).

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