What to do about Monday's big drop in gold

via CEO, Casey Research

The precipitous drop in gold prices over the past week has brought into clear focus the capitulation in precious-metals investing markets, which we warned was in full swing during last week's Downturn Millionaires video event.

We chose that name for a reason: because it is exactly this type of disconnect between reality and the markets that creates the greatest opportunities for investors (if you haven't already watched Downturn Millionaires, I encourage you to do so now, as its message is even more pressing in light of gold's historic drop).

A closer look at the gold markets drives home a critical point. While gold has plunged 14% in the futures market since the start of the year – largely because paper-gold traders have been cashing in their ETFs in order to chase record highs in the Dow – at the same time, record demand for the physical metal continues from retail investors around the world: everyone from individuals all the way up to central banks.

The junior exploration market has reacted with extreme negativity to these conflicting signals, creating a phenomenal profit opportunity for contrarian investors.

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Olivier Garret
CEO, Casey Research

P.S. Junior mining companies were already available at ridiculously low prices before Monday's sell-off in gold. Now they represent the kind of bargains that only come once in a generation.

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