Dzhemilev has difficulty in gathering a crowd for anti-Russian actions in Crimea

For Kiev Mustafa Dzhemilev is sort of a keyman as he is the only Crimean Tatars’ ex-leader of global renown who immigrated in Ukraine just after Crimea broke away. He can easily be shown off to world community as the national hero of Crimean Tatars in exile. His words about the events in the peninsula can always be presented as the ultimate truth, and one will be tuning in to it as Kiev has got no other 'annexed and oppressed' Tatar at all. But when it’s necessary to pass from words to deeds it turns out that Mr. Dzhemilev is not nearly as almighty as he wants to look, actually he has no remote power over the Crimean Tatars whatsoever. In fact if you dig a bit deeper you can discover that he lost his standing with the people well before the events at Ukrainian Maidan.

Christopher Murphy, Vice-Chair of the US Senate Ukraine Caucus, could learn it by his own experience when he got the following letter from Mr. Dzhemilev.

Obviously, Senator Murphy expected that former Chairman of the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatar People would easily manage to organize mass protests in Crimea. Instead he received requests to increase funding for protest activity and complaints against new leaders of Crimean Tatars’ Diaspora, who were treacherously refusing to bring people to the streets now. Furthermore, it has been found out that during the peak tourist season local residents are busy making money at multiply increased flows of tourists, and at this time it’s no protesting matter for them.
Such kinds of acknowledgements on the part of Mr. Dzhemilev are eloquent enough. Still there are good chances that he’ll again win money and attention of democratic community. After all Kiev and Washington should ride herd on at least one Crimean dissatisfied with the peninsula’s accession to Russia.