Gunfire and Suspects in Cambridge and Watertown

NewsCenter 5 has learned that police think the incident may be connected to the Boston Marathon bombings.

The scene was located on Laurel and Dexter Street in Watertown.

A State Police spokesman says an MBTA police officer was wounded in that incident.

Police sources tell NewsCenter 5 one of the suspects in the Watertown shooting, who is still being sought, is the marathon attack suspect seen wearing a white hat.

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Between one and two in the morning, after shooting scenes in two Boston suburbs, a man was reportedly taken into custody. “One marathon suspect has been captured, according to an official with knowledge of the investigation,” the Boston Globe reported on its Web site.

“Another remains on the loose in Watertown after a firefight with police.” Other media outlets were not ready to go that far, not nearly. There had still been no confirmation that this had anything to do with the Boston Marathon bombings, as opposed to a campus shooting or a carjacking or something else. There were only guesses, extrapolations from things like sightings of a clutch of F.B.I. agents in Watertown, where there were scores of local officers and a helicopter circling. The caveats were based on knowing that at this moment, with all the fear in the city, something could easily look like what it wasn’t. The one point of agreement seemed to be that an M.I.T. police officer was already dead.

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