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Land Destroyer: Implausible Deniability - West's ISIS Terror Hordes in Iraq


NATO Using Foley and ISIS As A Pretext For Bombing Syria - Ultimate Target Is Russia


Turkey played a major role in the creation of ISIS:

ISIS: The jihadist movement stamped “Made in America”

For three years, the US, along with the Gulf states and Turkey, poured billions into “opposition” groups, supposedly to unnamed “moderates,” but in reality to Al Qaeda-linked Sunni groups such as al-Nusra and ISIS to spearhead a sectarian war. The US, Turkey and Jordan have operated a base in Jordan where US instructors trained dozens of ISIS members. In an article last year, the New York Times confirmed that the CIA assisted Arab governments and Turkey by airlifting weaponry to these groups in Jordan and Turkey. The Guardian reported last March that British and French instructors were also involved.

Other ISIS members were trained near Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey, where US forces are based. After completing their training, they went to Syria and later Iraq.

ISIS is born of Langley and the M0ssad.

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad

Report: Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war

Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels

WATCH: IDF soldiers treating wounded Syrians on Israel border

Tapped communications confirm US is supplying ISIS

America Supplying ISIS, according to Iraqi MP

The U.S. Trained ISIS in 2012 – Vehicles, Arms, Ammunition Supplied – WAKE UP!!!

Obama Admits: 'We're Training ISIL' - ISIS HOAX - WOW!

John McCain Circa 2013 “We should arm ISIS” Read more: John McCain Admits He’s “Intimate” with ISIS


Senator John McCain’s Whoops Moment: Photographed Chilling With ISIS Chief Al-Baghdadi And Terrorist Muahmmad Noor!

Turkish Tanks Are Firing Into Syria

Turkey had always been at war with Syria. Now it becomes official

The following examples show the extent of Turkish involvement in the war on Syria:

–Turkey hosts the Political and Military Headquarters of the armed opposition. Most of the political leaders are former Syrians who have not lived there for decades.

–Turkey provides home base for armed opposition leaders. As quoted in the Vice News video “Syria: Wolves of the Valley”: “Most of the commanders actually live in Turkey and commute in to the fighting when necessary.”

–Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT has provided its own trucks for shipping huge quantities of weapons and ammunition to Syrian armed opposition groups. According to court testimony, they made at least 2,000 trips to Syria.

–Turkey is suspected of supplying the chemical weapons used in Ghouta in August 2013 as reported by Seymour Hersh here. In May 2013, Nusra fighters were arrested in possession of sarin but quickly and quietly released by Turkish authorities.

–Turkey’s foreign minister, top spy chief and senior military official were secretly recorded plotting an incident to justify Turkish military strikes against Syria. A sensational recording of the meeting was publicized, exposing the plot in advance and likely preventing it from proceeding.

–Turkey has provided direct aid and support to attacking insurgents. When insurgents attacked Kassab Syria on the border in spring 2014, Turkey provided backup military support and ambulances for injured fighters. Turkey shot down a Syrian jet fighter that was attacking the invading insurgents. The plane landed 7 kilometers inside Syrian territory, suggesting that Turkish claims it was in Turkish air space are likely untrue.

–Turkey has recently increased its coordination with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria

Last month Israel launched its sixth airstrike inside Syria in the last 18 months, which is described as a ‘targeted killing’ against Hezbollah, whom Tel Aviv maintains is backed by their sworn enemy Iran – which leader Benjamin Netanyahu claims, affords Israel the right to kill them at any time, or any place. Back in 2013, the Assad government in Damascus invited Lebanese Hezbollah militia into Syria to help eliminate terrorists in Syria, and now the uncomfortable reality is finally surfacing – that Israel has been picking off Syrian military and Hezbollah targets who are trying to fight-off ISIS, al Qaeda and al Nusra terrorists – which means that Israel is actually helping ISIS.

the UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council. – See more at:

The UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council.”

According to the United Nations Documents on UNDOF (official UN source): Israeli interactions with the Syrian rebels have been documented. If the international community were to pull-up Israel on this fact, they would do what Washington, Saudi Arabia and others have done – which is claim they are only dealing with the fictional “moderate rebels” – most of whom have been shown time and time again – to be defecting over to ISIS -

There is strong evidence to support the idea that the US armed ISIS when they fled into Syria. Back then, they were "moderates" fighting against Assad. This was not openly reported and was even denied early on but the CIA did arm them, trained them, and Panetta later admitted to arming them.

The US does appear to be attacking ISIS now, or at least uses ISIS to justify the attacks inside Syria. But have they really gone after ISIS or are they just trying to destabilize the region. Evidence suggests the latter as ISIS is now well armed, and continues to sell oil openly on the black market (if they were serious, the first thing they'd do is cut off their funding). By picking off a few at a time, it only stirrs up the hornets nest and pisses them off even more. Even Frontline has reported that so called "moderate" rebels in Syria are now leaning on the side of ISIS. They are getting stronger, not weaker.

The sad truth is ISIS was non existent until we started arming them. This may come back to haunt us.

On another note. ISIS can parade around in broad daylight with New Toyotas and white nike shoes beheading people (allegedly) but USA's drones can't seem to hit them.

Instead they target wedding parties somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan.

ISIS =CIA/Mossad

We have the photos of McCain meeting with ISIS, don't they show them on USA media?


"Adam Gadahn's real name is Adam Pearlman, and he is the grandson of a board member of the ADL! Pearlman had been reported killed in 2008 then (following more of his videos) he was again reported killed in April of this year. But you can't keep a good hoax down, and while calling him "late" in this article, it appears that the undead Mr. Pearlman is once again stalking the news wires!"